Will Robert Mueller be fired?

The United States of America feels like a volcano is about to erupt. Thoughtful people remain hopeful that firing Robert Mueller will not happen without just cause. This column agrees that action without just cause would shake the very Constitutional foundation of America. So far, we see no just cause.

Certainly, there have been seemingly tawdry and unseemly acts within the new administration, naïve about how to function within government procedures and protocols, committing misleading statements (knowingly and unknowingly), with the key issue being about statements under oath or not, and whether actions and statements took place before or after November 7.

Regardless, we predict attempts will be made in the early months of 2018 to remove Mueller and his team investigating Trump’s possible collusion with Russians to influence America’s 2016 national elections and/or post-election obstruction of justice.

Trump has no fear of the response of Congress nor does he fear the responses of a majority of the American public. He marches to the drumbeat of his base. The most recent indicator of this potential Constitutional crisis was when President Trump signaled his support for Roy Moore, who lost a very close election in Alabama.

The fight continues in the court of public opinion, with the President on one side and the General Counsel on the other. That the Russians attempted to interfere with the 2016 election is accepted fact by both sides. The unanswered question Mueller seeks to answer is whether or not President Trump was involved in the interference by the Russians.

Clearly, Russia will again attempt to interfere in our elections of 2018 and 2020. This places the legislative, the judiciary and the executive branch under the greatest constitutional challenge since Richard Nixon and the fall out from Watergate.

As the Republicans in Congress do not seem to have the stomach to defend and protect that which was crafted by our founding fathers, the question arises about whether Mueller will be fired. And if he is, the single question becomes whether it was the right action to defend the Republic and our democratic institutions.

This is the tough question for all Americans who value the Republic’s democratic institutions. It seems quite obvious that Trump feels that only he, as President of the United States, can stop General Counsel Mueller. Doing so would not be the right decision of the President.

So, again, we ask, how do we end this year and how do we begin the New Year going forward, in defense of the democratic institutions of this sovereign nation? America has never seen a crisis of this kind in the impending series of actions, which have already begun. The far right media and voices of rage against Mueller are being crafted as we craft this column.

There are some who will stand in defense of the Republic, as we do in this column. Will the antagonists, the Trump base and the never Trumpers pull down the curtain of an America that has been in decline, that will betray all the principles of the founding fathers?

We pray for the best, but we prepare for the worst.

Stay tuned.


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