Mental health education gains cultural relevance on TPT NOW

Mental health guides

TPT NOW’s culturally specific mental health guides in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong will be available at the end of July or beginning of August. Experts featured are:

Hmong Community:

  • Ilean Her: University of Minnesota Regent and CEO of Hmong Elders Center, former executive director of the State of Minnesota Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans and founder of Allies for Mentoring Asian Youth, Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together, and the Heritage Center for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  • Dr. Yee Ziong: Chief resident of psychiatry at Henn Regions Psychiatry Program, member of Project Tshav Ntuj

Latinx Community:

  • Dr. Eli Martinez: post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota Medical School, practicing clinician at Smiley’s Clinic, lecturer on behavioral health topics such as suicide assessment, PTSD, depression and health habits 
  • Ruby Lee: President and CEO of CLUES 
  • Brenna Batres: Bilingual psychotherapist at CLUES

Somali Community:

  • Dr. Saidi Abdi: clinical social worker and an expert in refugee trauma and resilience, co-author of “Mental Health Practice With Immigrant and Refugee Youth: A Socioecological Framework” 
  • Abdi Ganey: Community health worker, Wellshare International

Black Community:

  • Angela Fields: Community health worker at People, Incorporated 
  • Resmaa Menakem: New York Times best-selling author of “My Grandmother’s Hands,” a two-tour Afghanistan trauma specialist