Black Business Spotlight: CHX

Photo by Ashley Lauren (l-r) Frederick Huballa, Marques Johnson and Shawn Edwards.

CHX opens at new location in Uptown

A longtime friendship developed into a successful business for Shawn Edwards, Frederick Huballa, and Marques Johnson, owners of CHX restaurant. Their takeout restaurant is conveniently located in Uptown, and they offer delicious, hand-breaded chicken strips. 

The businessmen became friends years ago. Huballa recalled, “We met in high school through sports and socializing.” As they got older, the owners chose to focus on establishing the CHX takeout and delivery restaurant.

Huballa said, “We all have entrepreneurial minds, so we thought of this particular concept probably in 2015 or 2016.” He added, “We sat down until we had the right opportunity to present it.” The entrepreneurs chose to launch the business in 2020.

Johnson said, “I worked for Pourhouse, ran all the marketing stuff and there was an open kitchen.” The businessmen were granted a rare opportunity to utilize the space. They successfully launched CHX.

Edwards emphasized how the CHX restaurant was “up and running for six months” before they relocated to their current location. During that time, the owners served patrons through a takeout window. “When we started, I knew it was going to be successful,” Johnson said.

Fortunately, the ambitious businessmen recently launched their first CHX restaurant on July 2, 2021, in Uptown. Their location can be best described as, “Lowry Hill East in Uptown—this particular side of Uptown is right off the highway, high traffic—the spectacle zone,” Edwards said. The brand is known for its appetizing chicken strips.

Although business is flourishing, owning a business requires determination, focus, and passion. The dedicated entrepreneurs experienced minor setbacks, but they remained resilient.

The CHX business rose above adversity during COVID-19 and civil unrest. Huballa explained, “We were supposed to open on the week of George Floyd’s passing.”

As a result, they conducted community outreach and gave away complimentary food to the community.

When customers enter the new CHX location, they’ll see a restaurant that is very welcoming and spacious. The space is completely renovated and spotless. Customers can expect friendly customer service and crispy chicken strips.

Photo by Ashley Lauren

There are a plethora of delicious items on the menu. Customers can order delectable chicken strip meals that come with crinkle-cut fries, a biscuit, and a side of coleslaw. They also offer a chicken tender pizza. In the future, customers can enjoy a crispy chicken sandwich. The price range is $11-$15. Customers can also order signature lemonades.

Johnson said, “Honestly, our passion is more so good food.”

The business owners are foodies and love to indulge in delicious cuisines. “We’re not cooks by nature,” Huballa said, “but we feel like if we put our minds together, we can tackle any task.” Teamwork makes the dream work.

Chicken is a hot commodity, and the owners foresee more success. “We know from doing market research that the chicken sector of food services is bound to grow plentiful in the next decade, especially here in the Twin Cities,” Edwards said.

All of the recipes are flavorful and original. “The mission is to create a sustainable franchise that is community-oriented and family-friendly,” Edwards said. The owners did a great job creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons.

Important to note, the owners of CHX value social responsibility. In the future, they plan on giving back to their community, especially the youth. “We’re going to be really in the field; we’re going to be doing a huge donation project,” Huballa said.  

 “On Fridays, we’ll be going to schools, programs, nonprofits—feeding the homeless and families,” Johnson said. The owners plan on establishing partnerships in an effort to help more people throughout our neighborhoods.

Huballa elaborated, “We’re trying to give out 50-100 meals a week minimum—I come from a philanthropy background as well so it’s really important for us.” He added, “Also none of us are from any type of wealth at all so it’s important for us to give back.”

The businessmen want the youth to realize that owning a business can become a reality. “A lot of kids spend their time in places like this growing up. Maybe we can be a part of that for other young people,” Huballa said.

He continued, “It’s important for us to give back and to show what entrepreneurship looks like. There’s only value in service and products. If you have a skill, whether it’s service or creating something, then you’re always in demand—do what you gotta do. Get a skill and be prepared.”

Overall, there are many places that offer chicken, but CHX stands out because it’s a Black-owned entity. Huballa said, “We’re actually the curators of everything fly, everything dope. It’ll be a chain reaction.”

CHX is located at 2210 Hennepin Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Business hours are Monday through Sunday, from 4-10 pm. The business is open for delivery from 11 am-11 pm every day.

For more info, visit or call 612-759-1787.