Dwight Hobbes

Dwight Hobbes is a contributing writer at the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. He can be reached at dhobbes@spokesman-recorder.com.

Julian Bond passes

Julian Bond passes

When talk of social progress turns to such sentiments as standing on the shoulders of those who came before us,...

Helen plans a big splash

Tongue-tied with Faith

Helen got Keith off the hook, giving him a half dozen sheets of paper. The set lists from the gigs...

Helen plans a big splash

Keith’s out of practice

Keith came out of the movie and, suddenly, was running a little bit late. Called a messenger company and had...

Helen plans a big splash

The solace of Central Park

Keith shook his head, ruing that there just seemed no getting away from Lesli. There was, though, his ace in...

Helen plans a big splash

Dan the Answer Man

Keith had to shake his head at his friend’s amazing acumen. The man was practically a mind reader. “Lesli left...

Keith meets Hank and Mari

Alone again, not liking it

All assembled had a good time the rest of the day. Into evening. And wound up re-ordering at the liquor...

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