11 Comments on “Shopping Cart”

  1. City of Brooklyn Park celebrated Black History Month and asked individuals to subscribe to Spokesman Recorder. So I shall! Take care!

  2. Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is a credible news source with important narratives not found in other media. I especially appreciate the contributions of Mel Reeves and Mary Moriarity. Thank you MSR!

  3. I just heard your story on NPR 04/08 – all stories matter, no matter where you live.

    Tracy – San Francisco, CA

  4. I heard the interview on NPR today and want to support the newspaper—and to be able to read news from a credible source. Thank you!

  5. I am grateful for this opportunity to educate myself and my children through black media. Thank you.

  6. Salute to Tracey and the whole staff over at MSR for being an amazing and reputable news source for the Black community. Grateful for their presence!

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