Special Editions

The MSR newspaper is celebrating 80 years of continuous publication! As a long standing pillar in the community, the MSR has made it it’s business to go above and beyond printing weekly, community news by publishing unique, relevant content that is held near and dear to the hearts of many.

Kick off the New Year, with our annual Black History Calender, the MSR salutes and celebrates Black history — both yesterday’s history and history in the making. Stop by or contact the MSR to get yours, while supplies last!

Special Editions ~ the Empowerment Series:

 Year after year, the The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder newspaper annually honors Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday & Black History Month! Year after year, African Americans and others look forward to these celebratory pages. In addition, parents and schools use these sections to educate themselves, their families and employees on why it’s important to recognize the contributions that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all African Americans have made to society.

 Community Year Book: This supplement highlights and honors African & African American students from across the Twin Cities and the State who have reached that special milestone, graduation. Families, community leaders and corporations submit congratulatory letters and advertisements in this keepsake edition. The Community Year Book is a published in conjunction with the annual High School Graduation Celebration with the theme, “Education and Graduation: It’s a Family Affair”.  Click here to learn more.

 Juneteenth In 1986, the local Juneteenth Celebration was founded as a way to support the wellness and betterment of the African American communities in the Twin Cities and the Midwest. The MSR has partnered with Juneteenth as its media partner and official newspaper! This year, your organization can be part of the largest annual African American celebration by sponsoring the largest African American event in the Twin Cities and/or advertising for our special Juneteenth edition.

Special Sections ~ the Empowerment Series:

 GREEN2GREEN: The MSR is committed to enlightening the African American community on how we all can contribute to sustaining a clean, healthy environment for our families, neighborhoods, and the communities in which we live and work. Green2Green has been created to educate and inform readers on how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle so we all can have a greater understanding of the green movement, both locally and globally. It’s all about turning thinking green into saving green both in our environment and in our personal finances while being socially responsible.

 HEALTH: MSR publishes a weekly Health and Wellness section designed to Inform, Inspire, and Empower our readers to better attend to their physical and emotional health.

 MOVIN’ ON UP: “Movin’ On Up” is an educational campaign created to improve the lives of those in the African American community and other communities of color who are living at or near the poverty level. The goal of the campaign is to provide tools, tactics and resources that will enable readers to make better-informed decisions and sustainable life changes that will improve their standard of living.

Special Events:

 Sister Spokesman Every month, more than 100 women converge at a local “hot spot” to spend the afternoon celebrating our contributions to the Twin Cities, welcoming newcomers, and learning more about the companies, organizations and topics that enhance our lives. Sister Spokesman events always feature an informational session on topics that impact today’s woman, including financial management, self-improvement, fashion and beauty tips, professional development, health and wellness, and community involvement. Click here to learn more.

Interested in vendor opportunities, consider becoming a vendor at Sister Spokesman. Email sisterspokesman@spokesman-recorder.com or call 612-827-4021.

 “Education and Graduation: It’s a Family Affair”.  Click here to learn more.

 Career Expo (In conjunction with the Graduation Celebration.  Click here to learn more.

 Legacy Awards Dinner: Stay tuned for more info on the inaugural Legacy Awards Dinner in 2015.


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