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It’s not your grandmother’s menopause anymore

By Dr. Alyse M. Hamilton, MD

Menopause often means different things to different women, and even to the men who live with menopausal women. It is such a significant time in life that now it has its own musical, Menopause The Musical. Known for its most common symptoms — hot flashes, moodiness and weight gain — just what is menopause?  

What is menopause? Medically, menopause is a life-changing time when a woman has not had her menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months. Continue Reading →

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No Justice, No Juice — Food as a tool for organizing




It is hard to talk about race in this country. Some days it’s hard being Black in this country. When I add the “green” to being Black, my day can get very rough. Last Saturday I had a pretty rough evening when I heard the news of Zimmerman’s acquittal. I am also “green.” I choose that label to identify my belief in and support for sustainable food practices. Continue Reading →

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How to get all the vitamin D you need



Gone Green for Health

by Renee Barron

In my last my column, we talked about the importance of getting vitamin D from the sun. This column will focus on chemical-free sunscreens and foods rich in vitamin D.

Darker-skinned people need at least an hour per day in the sun, if not more, but they also should use sunscreens and sun blocks. Chemical-based sunscreens and sun blocks have the following hazardous ingredients: para amino benzoic acid, octyl salicyclate, avobenzone, oxybenzone, cinoxate, padimate, dioxybenzone, phenylbenzimidazole, homosalate, sulisobenzone, menthyl anthranilate, trolamine salicyclate, and octocrylene. These chemicals in themselves cause cancer and other health-related problems before you even get out into the sun. Here are some natural sources of sun protection. Continue Reading →

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Spirit of volunteerism at the SMSC



Volunteerism is more than just a concept at the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC). John Vig, Sr., an SMSC member, is demonstrating the importance of volunteering through a longtime friendship with SMSC Gaming Enterprise team member Wallace “Jack” Jackman. Vig and Jackman have worked together for many years on volunteer efforts to help others. Through their relationship, which started when Jackman was a bingo caller in the original Bingo Hall during the 1980s and continuing over the years, a strong friendship has developed. Vig and his wife Kathy have joined Jackman in supporting the International Leadership Institute and Project Sweetie Pie through donating their time. Continue Reading →

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Why environmentalists are upset about the Monsanto Protection Act




By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

Contributing Writers 


The so-called Monsanto Protection Act is actually a provision (officially known as Section 735) within a recently passed congressional spending bill, H.R. 933, which exempts biotech companies from litigation in regard to the making, selling and distribution of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and plants. President Obama signed the bill and its controversial rider into law in March 2013 much to the dismay of environmentalists. It means that Monsanto and other companies that supply the majority of the nation’s crop seeds can continue to produce GE products regardless of any potential court orders stating otherwise. Opponents of GE foods believe that giving such companies a free reign over the production of such potentially dangerous organisms regardless of judicial challenge is a bad idea, especially given how little we still know about the biological and ecological implications of widespread use of GE crops. Today more than 90 percent of the corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and canola planted in the U.S. is derived from seeds genetically engineered by Monsanto and other companies to resist pests and thus increase yields. Continue Reading →

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Sebelius and Holder address NAACP convention — Speeches focused on Zimmerman verdict, Affordable Care Act, voting rights




By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



In light of the recent George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict, both U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week stressed the importance of civil rights during their scheduled appearances at the NAACP national convention in Orlando, Fla. The attorney general called for “a respectful, responsible dialogue about issues of justice and equality.”

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy for his family, but also for our country,” Sebelius pointed out. “So are the tragedies of all the children we have lost because of gun violence before and since Trayvon was killed.” She and Holder spoke separately to the NAACP July 16, three days after the Zimmerman trial ended on July 13. “Across America, diverse groups of citizens, from all races, backgrounds and walks of life are instead overwhelmingly making their voices heard” in disagreeing with the verdict, said Holder. “I hope that we will continue to approach this necessarily difficult dialogue with the same dignity that those who have lost the most — Trayvon’s parents — have demonstrated throughout the last year, and especially over the past few days.”

“The president hasn’t given up on pushing forward on commonsense gun violence prevention efforts,” reaffirmed the HHS secretary. Continue Reading →

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U of M appoints new v.p. for equity, diversity — Dr. Albert says she’s ‘ready to partner’ on social concerns



By Robin James

Contributing Writer


The University of Minnesota has ambitious diversity goals, and Dr. Katrice A. Albert, in her newly appointed position as vice president for equity and diversity, is prepared to lead forward in pursuit of those goals. Since 2005, Albert had served as chief diversity officer at Louisiana State University (LSU). She was responsible there for developing and implementing strategic initiatives and policies aimed at cultivating a campus environment that embraced individual difference, sustained inclusion, and enhanced institutional access and equity. In her new role at the U of M, she will also be a member of the senior leadership group. While leading the university’s access, equity, and diverse multicultural resources and programs at the U of M, Albert will also collaborate with diverse Minnesota communities and uphold educational and employment equity. Continue Reading →

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Second Karamu forum draws engaged audience — One long-term goal: an action plan for the Black community




By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Organizers predict that by the time the “Karamu House,” a monthly forum series which began in June, concludes in December, an action plan for the Black community will be formed. “If we can leave here with an action step, and the next one we get another action step, by the end of the year we will have it tight and can institute [it],” commented St. Paul NAACP President Jeffry Martin after the second in a series of such meetings July 11 at Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Paul. The series will focus primarily on the Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Continue Reading →

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Boutique offers Simply Fabulous designs and accessories


Simply Fabulous One Accessory Boutique ( began, well, simply enough. Owner-proprietor Teresa Rogers recalls, “I used to go into stores like Macy’s and Target. I would see the jewelry, look at the price tag and go, ‘I could probably make it myself.’” And she did exactly that. Continue Reading →

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Keith recalls why he has steered clear of relationships




He’d been sitting there, bugging out to Nicole Scherzinger and Busta Rhymes on the Pussycat Doll’s video “Don’t Cha.” Having searched high and low for the uncensored version. Digging it tough, toking, sipping, grinning all over himself. The intercom rang. It was Jesse downstairs, the doorman: “Ms. Hall is on her way up.”

“Oh, no! Stop that crazy witch. Continue Reading →

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