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35W reconstruction makes workforce diversity a reality

The current 35W Downtown-to-Crosstown freeway reconstruction project of the Minnesota Department of Transportation is raising the bar for workforce participation by people of color.

CDC greenlights evictions despite continued pandemic


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It’s up to us to defend the Black vote

Just weeks before Election Day, with millions of people voting already, the Black vote is being attacked from every angle.


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Pandemic led to unprecedented WNBA media coverage

Once the season typically ends, the W essentially becomes an out-of-sight, out-of-mind league until the springtime.

The legacy continues at Minneapolis North

Lakers Win It! Tie Celtics!

Arts & Culture

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Demanding representation for books and beyond

According to W.D. Foster-Graham, now seven counties in the Twin Cities metro area plus St. Paul, Rochester, and St. Cloud, offer his books and other Black authors that he has requested.

COVID-19 Resources

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Free COVID-19 testing offered at four sites in the Twin Cities

As the positive cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the state, Minnesotans who need or want to be tested for the virus will have the opportunity to do so at four sites.

Free COVID-19 testing sites in Ramsey County

Beware the politicizing of COVID-19

Health & Wellness

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Until a coronavirus vaccine is ready, pneumonia vaccines may reduce deaths from COVID-19

The yearly influenza season threatens to make the COVID-19 pandemic doubly deadly, but this may not be inevitable.

Yet another COVID-19 symptom: hair loss

Black Business Spotlight

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Black Business Spotlight: Just Turkey

The barbecue turkey is delicious, flavorful and brings forth something new in the neighborhood, fulfilling a market niche.

Black Business Spotlight: Taste of Rondo

Black Business Spotlight: Upsie


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Apply now for energy and cold weather resources

‘The Cold Weather Rule is a critically important law that ensures Minnesotans don’t have their primary source of heat cut off in the cold winter months.’