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Police reform still in limbo one year after Floyd murder

Many cities across the country are working to introduce reforms on the state and local level to effect change in policing, but much progress is yet to be made in the city that sparked the idea of dismantling police.

Derek Chauvin Trial

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legal insights

Chauvin prosecution: Will it be a model or aberration?

We may find out quickly whether the Chauvin trial will become the model for police killing cases because AG Ellison just accepted the prosecution of former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter, who shot and killed Duante Wright.


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Lynx defense took the holiday off

Minnesota is now 0-1 in official Juneteenth games as host Dallas on Saturday dominated the visiting Lynx 95-77 in Arlington, Texas.

Janay joins the Mavericks

Shimmy in Gopherland


Black Business Spotlight: Sammy’s Avenue Eatery

Perseverance was key in helping Sammy McDowell flourish as the owner of two Sammy’s Avenue Eatery locations.

Help your kids get financially fit

Black Business Spotlight: Cajun Life

The state of Black entrepreneurship


Youth speak: the fear factor

Now, how could I stand in front of someone who could easily take my life, simply because of the color of my skin without being afraid?

Safeguarding Black history

Youth speak: students need more support

COVID-19 Info & Resources

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As COVID-19 winds down, find and follow the facts

As the pandemic winds down, there will be a number of things up for debate. More importantly, there are a few critical lessons we have learned and want to share.

Health & Wellness

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Some sunscreens found to contain benzene, a carcinogen

Although recent testing has found amounts of benzene, a potential carcinogen, in some sunscreen batches, this doesn’t mean swearing off sunscreens for good.



Scholarships available for Project Scientist’s virtual STEM camp for girls 4-12

This summer, Project Scientist will keep girls thinking and having fun all summer long, and connect them to other girls who love science, technology, math, and engineering.

Go Green


Heat advisory issued for the Twin Cities and beyond until June 10

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but you wouldn’t know it by the sweltering July-like heat. Stay mindful of these tips to stay safe.