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Recession by any other name still hits Blacks hardest

‘Some are having to consider taking their families to move back into their elderly parents’ homes…’

Hiawatha Golf Course saga continues


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​Black Business Spotlight: Krewe Restaurant

‘Introducing Creole Cajun food to a rural West Central Minnesota community, it was a bit of a stretch.’

Summer money tips for kids


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No bags please!

Recycling in plastic bags is often pulled as trash at the sorting facility.

Five ways to avoid health scams

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Midwest power grid capacity opens up, boosting renewable projects

‘We’re trying to meet the needs of utilities as they’re planning for shifting towards clean energy resources.’


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Emory University announces the first African American studies Ph.D. program in the U.S. Southeast

Emory University in Atlanta has announced the first African American Studies Ph.D. Program in the Southeast United States.