Derek Chauvin Trial

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legal insights

Chauvin prosecution: Will it be a model or aberration?

We may find out quickly whether the Chauvin trial will become the model for police killing cases because AG Ellison just accepted the prosecution of former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter, who shot and killed Duante Wright.


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Study exposes more sports media bias

Black W players received less than half the coverage of White players, even though they won 80% of the 2020 postseason awards.

Lewis named George Floyd fellow

Arts & Culture

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Legendary ensemble leads charge for social justice

Celebrations across the Twin Cities are on tap throughout the year to commemorate the Sounds of Blackness’ 50th anniversary.


Black Business Spotlight: Cajun Life

If you’re looking for a flavorful variety of appetizing Cajun and Creole cuisine, look no further than Cajun Life.

The state of Black entrepreneurship


The bail system: a look at how it works in Minnesota

Money bail favors the wealthy, as well as serving to extract large amounts of non-refundable premiums from poor people.

COVID-19 Info & Resources

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As COVID-19 winds down, find and follow the facts

As the pandemic winds down, there will be a number of things up for debate. More importantly, there are a few critical lessons we have learned and want to share.

Health & Wellness

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Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from French Open highlights how prioritizing mental wellness goes against the rules

Tennis star Naomi Osaka stunned the sports world when she announced that she would withdraw from the French Open after she was fined for not speaking to media to protect her mental health.



Scholarships available for Project Scientist’s virtual STEM camp for girls 4-12

This summer, Project Scientist will keep girls thinking and having fun all summer long, and connect them to other girls who love science, technology, math, and engineering.

Go Green


Heat advisory issued for the Twin Cities and beyond until June 10

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but you wouldn’t know it by the sweltering July-like heat. Stay mindful of these tips to stay safe.