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Democratic presidential debate left out LGBTQ issues

The first Democratic presidential debate of the 2016 season was an exemplary example of civil discourse compared to what the American public witnessed with the GOP’s presidential debate.

My disappointment with the Pontiff’s visit

Pope Francis continues to send seismic shock waves across the globe, and the rapturous reception he received from his historic six-day U.S. visit gave us a glimpse as to why. The pontiff, like Jesus, walked among the masses.

Dis-membering Stonewall

I am disturbed by Roland Emmerich’s historical drama Stonewall, because of its whitewashing of a historic moment turned movement. When I look back at the first night of the Stonewall Inn riots, I could have never imagined its future importance. The first night played out no differently from previous riots with Black Americans and White policemen. And so too, it being underreported. But I was there.

Where is my Black body safe in America?

Like so many African American women, myself included, Sandra Bland’s death, resulting from police brutality is not new news. The national attention it’s receiving is, however.

The Atticus we don’t want to know

The literary world rejoiced when news disclosed that reclusive author Harper Lee was soon to release her second book Go Set A Watchman, 55 years since the 1960 publication of To Kill A Mockingbird.

The welcome challenges of marriage equality

For some time now, my spouse and I have been bickering over where we should live in our retirement years. She, being a child from the South, and me, being from the North, well, we have our tensions. I have jokingly dubbed them our “Mason-Dixon-line feud.”

Obama used the N-word appropriately

When news broke that President Obama used the N-word during the podcast interview “WFT with Marc Maron” about America’s racial history, it caused shock waves. We are shocked because we are all confused as to when — if ever — there is an appropriate context to use the word.

The transparency of a “Incog-Negro”

In trying to make sense of Rachel Dolezal, the self-identified “Black” woman of two White parents, and the thought-provoking queries now raised about transracialsim and transethnicity, Boston Globe cartoonist Dan Wasserman provided me with an answer:

“How does a confused Caucasian woman come to define the national conversation on race? What lies matter?”

Is Caitlyn Jenner the right poster girl for trans equality?

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has once again captured the world’s attention. And this time not as America’s beloved 1976 Olympic gold medal decathlete or patriarch in the TV reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.