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‘Peanuts’ celebrates its first African American character

The Peanuts movie opens November 6.

Following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968, a school teacher named Harriet Glickman and a few of her friends, took it upon themselves to petition comic writer and creator of the popular Peanuts comic strip, Charles M. Schulz, for more characters of color, a bold move that resulted in the inclusion of a character named ‘Franklin.’ Continue Reading →

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‘Sister Act the Musical’ showcases homegrown soul star

'Singin' In the Rain, Swing! is one of many productions Timotha Lanae appeared in at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre.

Timotha Lanae has overseas hits on top of stage success
It is the mid-1970s in Reno, and a trio of disco singers — Tina, Delores and Michelle — are performing in a nightclub. So sets the stage for Sister Act the Musical playing at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre beginning October 30. While talking with the MSR, Timotha Lanae, who plays the role of Tina, discusses her connection with Chanhassen, her dual roles in the musical, and her burgeoning musical career. Born and raised in North Minneapolis, Lanae says she’s always had a love for performance: “I just have always had a big imagination. So, as a child I was always calling on my sister, my cousins, my god sisters, my friends — ‘Let’s put on a show. Continue Reading →

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Gladys Knight: a candid conversation

Gladys Knight

Motown Records was considered the number-one most influential company to lead in setting a precedent for talent, style, good music, swag and success. The Detroit label was founded on the same business model of automotive companies that ruled the blue collar town during that time. Founder Berry Gordy believed in building a company that scouted and signed raw talent, polished them, and carried them through an assembly line of artist development that is sadly missing in today’s music business. Gladys Knight and the Pips were part of the ‘golden era’ of Motown Records. They contributed to its long illustrious line-up of catalog hits that included “Neither One of Us,” “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” and “If I Were Your Woman.” In 1976, the group left Motown and joined Buddah Records where they continued to create a string of classic hits like “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

After much success, Knight moved on to embark on a successful solo career with Columbia Records, and MCA Records reuniting with the Pips in the 1980s. Continue Reading →

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