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J. MOST & the Command Steppers present 3 days of honor, competitive fun

The Midwest Steppers of Omaha

On March 12, 13 and 14, the Mall of America (MOA) will host the 6th Annual Minnesota Steppers All Star Bash. The event features J. MOST, a local R&B recording artist, entertainer, producer and dance teacher. MOST is currently the instructor for The Command Steppers, which has 90 members, the largest step team in the Twin Cities. Continue Reading →

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Black Dynamite: A comic book dripping with racial indecency


Although Hollywood has become saturated with a preponderance of superhero films—namely those licensed by the Marvel Comics franchise—these projects rarely, if ever, feature an African American lead. In the comic-book realm, a sweeping wave of cultural diversity has inspired the “browning” of numerous, formerly European characters, including the ever-popular Spiderman, Captain America, and others. Continue Reading →

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‘Focus’: A farfetched, cat-and-mouse crime caper rich with eye candy


Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) is an aspiring con artist who picked the worst guy to steal a wallet from when she settled on Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith). She had no reason to suspect that he was a third generation flimflam man descended from a grandfather who ran a crooked poker game in Harlem back in the day. Continue Reading →

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Time to take care of business


Keith sat there much relieved watching TV with Sam gently snoring on his shoulder. Sorely tempted, but relieved. And nibbled pretzels.

Once he was sure she was asleep, Keith eased out from under her. Went over to the bed and quietly picked up the guitar. Did an old jam his dad had taught him. An hysterical old ditty by Jim Croce. Continue Reading →

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A feast for the ears: Don’t miss Rene´ Marie and Hugh Masekela  

René Marie. I Wanna Be Evil: With Love to Earth Kitt

Having your own unique sound is the prize possession in music. Smart artists know to work with what they’ve got and keep it moving — imperfections, conflicts, grittiness and all. Faithful supporters of this music get it. You never give up, and you continue to negotiate change with style. One such artist who has mastered this approach in an artful way is Virginia born and based singer-songwriter René Marie. Continue Reading →

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