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2015 Twin Cities Jazz Festival — maximum star wattage for free


Most loyal music lovers would pay good money to enjoy high-quality music made by top-flight artists from the jazz world.
Now, for a limited time, they can have that experience for free. All that’s required is spending a little time in the Twin Cities area for the next three days as it evolves into the center of the jazz universe. Sound like a win-win?
The 2015 17th Annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival (free and open to the public) — one of the Midwest’s largest gatherings of jazz artists and jazz supporters in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area — takes place Thursday-Saturday, June 25-27 in and around Mears Park in Saint Paul’s historic Lowertown neighborhood.

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‘Child, Please,’ a humorous and pointed nod to old school child rearing

(Courtesy of Tarcher/Penguin Random House)

The incident reminded me of a bygone era when not only your own momma, but any adult in the neighborhood might straighten you out if you were messin’ up. However, that strict style of upbringing has long since fallen by the wayside in favor of a politically-correct age of permissiveness. Continue Reading →

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