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What’s killing so many Black mothers and their babies?

Fartun Weli

On November 12, the “Maternal Child Health, Safe Mothers, Safe Newborns Global Conference” was held at the Hubert H. Humphrey, School of Public Affairs on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

It was organized by Fartun Weli, founder and executive director of Isuroon. The nonprofit’s stated mission is to build Somali women’s self-sufficiency so they can lead healthier, more productive lives in Minnesota, nationally, and in Somalia.

According to the organization’s website, this conference was held because Somalia has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates, with one out of every 12 women dying from pregnancy-related causes. This high maternal death rate compares to only one in 2,100 Caucasian women dying in childbirth in the United States. Continue Reading →

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Mizzou protest not an isolated incident

Rahaan Mahadeo

A University of Minnesota student group last year presented a lengthy list of demands to top school officials and held a sit-in protest at a campus building this past February. Yale University students of color last week presented a similar list to its school president, with a five-day deadline to respond. Continue Reading →

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