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BU (Beautifully United): a step to eliminating colorism


Race has been the forefront of conversations for a long time. However, recently with the efforts of #BlackLivesMatter and several of the racist incidents that have been picked up by mainstream media, it seems like there has been limited to no progress in racial politics. Skin color has been a topic of debate amongst African Americans since slavery. Continue Reading →

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What is selective mutism?


Some children show a complete shutdown of communication and a total inability to speak. In other children, their communication may turn into a whisper to people they feel extremely comfortable with, or, if possible, they may physically abandon the area and hide until they feel safe and more secure. Some parents describe their children as being extremely timid or shy, and some experts think that selective mutism is on the extreme end of the social shyness scale. Continue Reading →

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New study reveals effective treatment program for breast cancer survivors

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In a new study that could help improve the day-to-day quality-of-life for women with breast cancer, UCLA researchers have developed a cognitive rehabilitation program to address post-cancer treatment cognitive changes, sometimes known as “chemo brain,” which can affect up to 35 percent of post-treatment breast cancer patients. Continue Reading →

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The crossroads of mental health and faith

Pastor Roslyn Harmon

Faith is an essential part of our lives. As human beings, it is common to have some sort of connection with a spiritual force. If you read any therapy or motivational books on the Black community, it is often highlighted that faith is the core for Black people in healing. Pastor Roslyn Harmon is someone who is taking this form of healing to the next level with Circle of Healing Ministries. Continue Reading →

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