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Crocodile tears for Kenyans just that — crocodile tears

The mall bombing/attack in Kenya is not just frightening and alarming because of its apparent senselessness. It’s also alarming because it will give an opening to U.S. and European anti-Muslim — and to some extent anti-African — propaganda, which will in turn cause folks to turn a blind eye to U.S. and European meddling in African affairs. Don’t, if tempted to, write off the attack on the Nairobi, Kenya mall by Al Shabaab as just another fanatical instance of terrorism. While it is an insane and almost hapless effort to get revenge or make a political point, the attack on the mall was motivated by past events. Kenya did in fact invade Somalia in 2011 and kicked Al Shabaab out of southern Somalia with the help of the U.S. and France. Continue Reading →

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The struggle continues — Obama is not proof of a post-racial society



When one compares the 1968 Kerner Commission Report, which chronicled the problems that Black folks were experiencing in just about every walk of life at the time, and the misery index for Black folks today, one finds that the lot of Black folks haven’t changed that much. In a word, we are still an oppressed nationality living in the United States. So it would appear that the struggle for justice and equality continues. Well, at least common sense would dictate that the struggle continues. If Black folks are still experiencing job discrimination and police brutality and an unjust justice system as evidenced by the disparity in sentencing, particularly in drug cases, then the struggle clearly continues. Continue Reading →

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Hurricane Sandy: Slow response reveals the government’s priorities


Our country has a strange way of showing love to its citizens and especially certain segments of the population, especially in times of crisis. In fact, in times of crisis, such as the damage left behind by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, we get to see what’s really important to those in power. We also get to see how the point-one percent — the ruling class — really think. Incidentally, when the flag is waved we don’t wave just a certain section of the flag; we wave the whole flag. We don’t emphasize just the red or the blue parts. Continue Reading →

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Most ‘real Americans’ don’t vote on election day



I saw a yard sign in South Minneapolis. It said “Real Americans Vote.”

No, this is incorrect. Most real Americans do not vote. Most Native Americans stay home on Election Day, and they are the “real Americans.”

When I tell people that I have not voted in over five years, and that I’m proud of it, they are disgusted and shocked. But if I was not a middle-aged White guy, but a Native man, they of course would be much more respectful and understanding of my desire to not participate. Continue Reading →

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