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Yes, you can save money, energy even during Old Man Winter

CenterPoint Energy’s rebate team members share their best checklist for the holidays

CenterPoint Energy’s rebate team members, (l-r) Chekelea, Ruth, Kelly and Fianna, shares a clip-and-save low-cost/no-cost checklist to help readers save energy and money on home heating bills this holiday season. It seems as if Old Man Winter is back and hit us earlier and with a colder start than last winter. “November 2014 went on the books as the ninth-coldest November recorded,” said Tom Hultquist, National Weather Service Science & Operations Officer. “Now that it is December, our customers will be impacted by higher winter heating bills due to colder temperatures and wind chills causing us to turn the heat up,” said Kelly Chase, supervisor for energy saving equipment rebates for CenterPoint Energy. “I gathered my rebate team to prepare a checklist to share with our customers this cold holiday season. Continue Reading →

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CenterPoint Energy leadership freshens fleet

Company increases investment in NGV’s for a cleaner future
According to NGVAmerica, a national organization dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) offset the use of approximately 400 million gallons of gasoline in the U.S. in 2013, as well as, substantially reducing carbon emissions. In order to increase these numbers, more large companies will need to consider conversion of their fleets. “We are seeing that the abundance of natural gas has created much more than the feeling of security for years to come, that our houses will remain warm and heated in the harsh Minnesota winters,” said Ana Hargrove, natural gas sales manager for CenterPoint Energy and NGVAmerica board member. “The abundance is actually creating more environmentally friendly and efficient ways to run company fleets, as well as supporting the American people by providing more job opportunities.”

Natural gas, a domestic, American source of energy, is more than a safe, environmentally friendly, affordable and efficient option for energy in your home. Today, due to improved technologies, natural gas production has increased drastically, making the possibilities for transportation use far beyond what they were in the past. Continue Reading →

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Sisters energized to help their neighbors, keep communities safe








By Courtney Mehus

Contributing Writer

Combined, Nicko Spehn and her sister Alicia Ellis have more than 57 years experience as employees of CenterPoint Energy, who respectively hold the positions of dispatching manager and supervisor of appliance services. These two sisters, working together, have helped shape multiple initiatives for CenterPoint Energy both in the office and in the community. One of the most important programs that Spehn’s leadership has influenced is the Stay Safe, Stay Warm program. For the past five years she has been involved in organizing efforts which provide free heating system tune-ups to qualifying customers. The Stay Safe, Stay Warm program has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. Continue Reading →

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Bev Lambkins shapes a culture of hope for those in need

CenterPoint Energy’s consumer advocate explains how to keep the heat on
Bev Lambkins, a 30-plus year employee of CenterPoint Energy who holds the title of Supervisor Agency Programs Consumer Advocate, has lifelong experience working closely with low-income residents, military veterans, and families in need. As fall slowly makes way for the cool of winter, Lambkins has been hard at work making sure customers she encounters are familiar with the energy assistance program. “Our customers are important to us. We urge customers who anticipate having trouble paying their natural gas bill to contact us as soon as possible to setup a payment plan that is acceptable to both our customer and CenterPoint Energy. Customers should not wait until they receive a disconnect notice before exploring all the payment options available. Continue Reading →

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