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Tone down the rhetoric on Black museum’s money problems


Who would ever say that the legendary and renowned Dorothy Bridges would be involved in harming her legacy and imprint on a community bank, Franklin National Bank, which has done so much for the African American community under her leadership? Thus we are puzzled by the attacks on Franklin National Bank (“Stalled museum now battles bank,” Star Tribune, September 1, 2012), and, by implication, on Dorothy Bridges, who was CEO of FNB from 1999-2008 and put all of her energy, her soul, and her vision into making Franklin National Bank the best it could be (doubling the bank’s assets to $116 million). She did more for the African American community than any other bank. During her tenure at Franklin National Bank, we heard about the institution’s generosity, sensitivity and openness, a legacy crafted by Ms. Bridges. Ms. Bridges departed to Washington, D.C. and then returned last year to be a senior VP of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

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Supportive family and community instill ‘can do’ attitude in banking leader


Federal Reserve VP works to increase economic growth for marginalized communities


Dorothy Bridges, senior vice president responsible for community development and outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, thought life was good in New Orleans in the 1950s and ’60s. She doesn’t recall noticing what others clearly saw as the poverty that existed inside and outside of the walls of her childhood home, a dwelling partitioned into apartments that housed her parents, siblings, extended family and others.  


Bridges grew up feeling safe and loved, surrounded by a caring family and protective neighbors. She was born in rural Mississippi where her parents, grandparents and other relatives worked as sharecroppers. At age two, her family moved to New Orleans where her parents started out as laborers in a poultry processing plant. Continue Reading →

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