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Documentary to tell the story of Juneteenth

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Although Lee Jordan has been working on it for some time now, the local filmmaker’s recent meeting with a local film group virtually has confirmed that his preliminary plans for a documentary on Juneteenth have not been in vain. There are 43 states, including Minnesota, that annually celebrates Juneteenth in mid-to-late June, notes Jordan. It is considered the oldest known celebration that recognizes the end of slavery in the United States. Even though President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation became official on January 1, 1863, some historians say that it was purposely withheld by slaveholders to keep their slaves on plantations in southern states such as Texas but on June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger read the executive order to the already freed slaves, who celebrated the news on “Juneteenth.”

Ever since, it was regularly celebrated for many years, then faded away during the Depression years. The Black holiday later saw resurgence in the late 1960s, and became an official state holiday in Texas in 1980. Continue Reading →

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Northside neighborhoods reflect what it means to be diverse



There are many reasons to live in or move to the Northside. These reasons are based on the many assets of our community and the assets of many of the people who live here. Some move to the Northside because of the great housing deals, and there is no time like the present to take advantage of this. You can get a home in North Minneapolis for a fraction of the average regional cost. Young families are able to buy their first home here without going broke. Continue Reading →

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Open letter to the community on The Links’ new youth program


The Minneapolis-Saint Paul Chapter of The Links, Incorporated (The Links) is pleased to introduce a new and exciting program called “Links to Success…an African American Leadership Experience.”

A year ago, The Links announced the suspension of the Debutante Cotillion Program for the 2011-12 school year and committed to come back with a new youth program to recognize high achievers. We believe “Links to Success…” will be that program, providing innovative and engaging leadership development and college preparation curriculum, mentoring, and exposure to academically high-performing girls. We’re optimistically expecting this new program to engage 20 to 30 high school juniors and seniors. We’re looking for teens who are able to demonstrate commitment to community engagement and service. Applications were available September 4 from the counselors’ offices in the high schools in the Twin Cities school districts and are due back by October 5. Continue Reading →

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Kudos to the Minneapolis Juneteenth committee

By Jimmy Stroud

Contributing Writer


Kudos to the Twin Cities Juneteenth Celebration, Inc. and their many volunteers for another safe and successful Juneteenth event held at North Mississippi Regional Park in Minneapolis on June 16, 2012. As I roamed around the park taking hundreds of event photographs — 548 to be precise — I was able to talk and listen to many people who fully embraced the festivities and a few complainers with one foot in and one foot out, so to speak. I heard everything from “What happened to the parade and the 10K run?” to “This park is great and has a lot of stuff for children to do here.”

The Juneteenth celebration is a day that remembers the slaves in Galveston, Texas who were told slavery was abolished two-and-a-half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. That means the Juneteenth celebration is about freedom. So let us remember and make room for freedom of opinion and speech of those people who attend and critique Juneteenth celebrations anywhere. Continue Reading →

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