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2013: The Right’s war on Christmas continues

For the past decade now, when this holiday season rolls around we can always count on a yearly kerfuffle from someone from the Right — the continuing war on Christmas. That this annual present comes this year from a host on Fox News is no surprise. On her recent show The Kelly File, Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly ignited a conflagration when she stated that both Jesus and Santa Claus are White. Kelly’s assertion was a response to Aisha Harris’s (African American, and Slate culture blogger) contestation that the commercial image of Santa Claus, in this day and age, should no longer be a White man, but rather a penguin. ”Two decades later, America is less and less White, but a melanin-deficient Santa remains the default in commercials, mall casting calls, and movies. Continue Reading →

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The re-rebirth of soul

Electric Lady Janelle Monáe delivers
By Junauda Petrus
Contributing Writer
Janelle Monáe’s concert on Tuesday, October 22 at the Skyway Theater, like her music, referenced a legacy of soul that young audiences were eager to witness. The music from her latest contribution, The Electric Lady, like her past works, is thought-provoking and critical, yet funky and cutting edge. Monáe’s music is bringing Afro-futurism to modern-day realities with cleverness, freshness and fun in a musical climate that is in desperate need of her fearless, funky soul. The show was a dynamic unforgettable experience that made it clear she has all of the makings of a musical icon. Monáe is a genius at making music that is complex and entertaining – an impressive pairing in a musical era in which mainstream content is often saturated with lyrics that seem allergic to any real depth or social reflection. Continue Reading →

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Imhotep’s Family Kwanzaa Celebration welcomes all

Participating children learn to ‘know better, do better’

By Dwight Hobbes
Contributing Writer
There is something to be said for Kwanzaa not being as well known or widely celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. It has not yet been corrupted into the sham of crassly exploitative commercialism that long ago claimed Christmas. Celebrants who honor Kwanzaa honor community. Accordingly, Imhotep Science Academy (ISA) will be holding their Family Kwanzaa Celebration and Fundraiser at the Network for the Development of Children of African Decent (NdCAD) on Dec. 27, the day of Kujichagulia (self-determination), the second day of Kwanzaa. Continue Reading →

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