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City counsel ignores Peavey Park crack problem

A week before the elections, I’m trying to get a bus at about 5 pm and go to work. It’s drizzling, chilly. Be nice to step in out of the weather at the bus shelter on the corner of Chicago and Franklin on Minneapolis’ south side. But, there’s a guy standing there, holding a crack pipe up to the mouth of a fellow in a wheel chair. The fellow in the chair has an affliction that has twisted his wrist and deformed his hand to the extent he can’t hold and light his own crack pipe. Continue Reading →

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MAD DADS still saving lives, fighting crime



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


“I was tired of seeing our youth in the community hopeless, lost without leadership and fatherless.” That could be just about anyone talking about conditions that have gone on in Black communities for what by now feels to many of us like an eternity. It could be just about anyone who gave up hope and walked away, if not finding a way to leave the community then just turning off mentally and emotionally, no longer caring. Instead, exactly the opposite, it’s Minneapolis MAD DADS CEO and President V.J. Smith, explaining why he rolled up his sleeves and stepped to and, in October of 1998, established the Minneapolis Chapter of Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder, Inc. (MAD DADS).  

V.J. Smith, right, in the streets ‘promoting hope’




A mere glimpse at statistics exposes the need for Minneapolis MAD DADS. In 2001, African American males were 32 percent of all prison inmates in Minnesota with 25 percent of all arrests in the state occurring in Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

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