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Prostitutes are people



Prostitution is an ugly fact of life. And it’s not going to go away by either ignoring it or looking down one’s nose at women who are out walking the streets all hours of the day and night. They are people. Females who did not embark on this as a career pursuit, got sucked up into a dead-end existence and more than likely would love to find a way out but can’t seem to devise the means. Tons and tons of research over the years has identified over and over again that an incredible majority of women who prostitute themselves have been physically or sexually abused as girls, not infrequently as far back as childhood. Continue Reading →

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Rescuing local girls from prostitution gets $4 million boost




News Analysis
By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has initiated MN Girls Are Not For Sale, a five-year $4 million effort to see that the world’s alleged oldest profession, the buying and selling of young female flesh,

Sheila Carrington (l) and Lee Roper-Batker


doesn’t get any older. A tall order. For years, a stretch along several streets in New York City’s infamous Times Square where hookers strolled was known as the Minnesota Strip. FBI stats document that the Twin Cities is among the 13 largest markets in all of America for prostituting adolescent girls. With Internet activity, particularly on Craigslist, an underage prostitute can be ordered with the mere click of a mouse and about as much compunction as one phones for a pizza. Continue Reading →

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