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The community should hold musicians accountable for glorifying negativity



By A.J. Briscoe

Guest Commentator


I have taught myself to always begin with myself in every assessment I make. I shall start with this method in referencing to how the power of music effects me. Music is a mood altering element in my world. I can listen to it and be inspired, uplifted, nostalgic, infuriated, romantic, or violent. I believe this is how the term of using music to set the mood came about. Continue Reading →

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Old Log’s Mahalia delivers in song



Old Log Theater’s Mahalia, starring Sandra Robinson Hodges with Dianne E’Laine and Sam Reeves Old Log Theater is flaws and all, a winning ticket. This is the second go around for the production, which premiered at Old Log in 1994. Ironically it’s a slice of African American theater, indeed, a page from Black history, running way out in the middle of White suburbia. And well worth the trip. Local gospel luminary Sandra Robinson Hodges is a natural to play Mahalia Jackson, the music immortal, civil rights activist and cultural icon. Continue Reading →

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