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Stereotypes thwart aspirations of young Black men

MPS Black Male Achievement director gets some barbershop ‘real truth’
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Shahmar Dennis plans to graduate next spring from Roosevelt High School. He also plans to continue his post-secondary education by studying computer science, with hopes to one day work as a computer programmer after earning a college degree at a school not yet decided upon. His hopes, dreams and goals mostly were self-directed and self-motivated, undeterred by some of his teachers’ stereotypical beliefs that Black young men are incapable of competent classroom achievement. When Dennis inquired about his school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a teacher discouraged him; but when a White student went to the same teacher, that student immediately received a pass to see a school counselor about taking IB classes. “I feel like teachers have the stigma about African American students on how they are supposed to act, speak, and how they perceive education,” recalled Dennis when speaking to the MSR soon after his appearance at the November 10 regularly scheduled Minneapolis School Board meeting. Continue Reading →

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Author recommends all Black women marry Jewish men



Crude stereotyping, or effort to heal the erosion of Black families? You can’t swing a dead cat in the Twin Cites without hitting a Black woman who’s married to — or doing her damnedest to marry — a White man: must be something in the water. Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr, PharmD goes one better, urging Black women, in her memoir Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man, not to settle for just a plain old regular White man but to truly grab the brass ring. On first hearing about the book, my immediate thought was that someone had come up with a very clever satire or some smart tongue-in-cheek mischief to mess with readers’ minds. To the contrary, Hines-Starr is in absolute earnest. Continue Reading →

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Web series addresses stereotypes about African Americans



By Charles Hallman
Staff writer


Angela Tucker two years ago pitched her series idea on challenging racial stereotypes of Blacks. The third season of Black Folk Don’t premiered December 2 on BlackPublicMedia.org, the National Black Programming Coalition (NBPC) website. “Season three is going to spark conversations in homes and offices around the country as well as online,” predicts Black Public Media Digital Media Director Nonso Christian Ugbode. “People take sides and even question the audacity of the assertions that are raised in the show.”

A writer, director and producer, Tucker wrote on her blog a couple of years ago that she prefer “[regular Black] people that had original points of views and were articulate” rather using “being Black” experts. “At first, we were going to reach out to people via social networks… Continue Reading →

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