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Comedy clip causes racial ‘stumble’ at Park Center High

Photos by Charles Hallman; Photo courtesy of Sharon Booth

Achieving racial equity in a suburban school district where over half of the student population is of color is an ongoing process, say school officials. Osseo Area Schools, Minnesota’s fifth-largest public school district, has 52 percent students of color, Superintendent Kate Maguire told us in an MSR interview. “I’ve been in the district for 30 years,” she said, and the district’s top administrator since 2010. Continue Reading →

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What it’s like to be Black in the MPD — The chance for another Cincinnati?



One cannot begin to understand the current racial tensions within the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) until one reviews the history of this tension. The tensions are there, extremely dangerous tensions. Many do not understand while others don’t care about the level of hatred and disrespect, professional and personal, within the MPD, towards the small core of Black police officers by many of their White colleagues. It is not unknown. It is ignored. Continue Reading →

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