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Training doesn’t cure racism




Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau tells us “This is not who we are.” Then who are you? Officers are caught being racist and all that happens to them is they get suspended with pay. They are not punished; they are rewarded with a paid vacation. Apparently this is who you are, departmental policy proves it. After being racist, officers get paid time off to go fishing, to sit at home and watch TV. Continue Reading →

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County Attorney Freeman on Terrance Franklin case: ‘It’ll be up to a grand jury’ — MSR inquires into historical failures to prosecute police for misconduct







By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



Historically, many local Blacks believe that no matter what evidence is presented, nothing happens to Minneapolis police officers for misconduct against people of color. The May 10 death of Terrance Franklin, reportedly at the hands of City police, has thus far done nothing to erase such beliefs. A common theme expressed during recent public demonstrations is that the city’s Black community has no confidence in the police department investigating Franklin’s death or in the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office that might or might not do anything to the responsible officer or officers for acts of misconduct. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman pledges that his office will do anything in its power to see that justice is done in the Franklin case. Freeman spoke one-on-one with the MSR last week for nearly an hour. Continue Reading →

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Zimmerman verdict protest rally



By Charles Hallman

Staff writer


Demonstrations took place from coast to coast since the Zimmerman acquittal was announced last Saturday. Many Blacks have strongly reacted to the news, and expressed for many, a continued disappointment in the U.S. justice system that seemingly fails for Black people, especially when they are the victims.

“The justice system is unashamedly and unapologetically racist,” believes Rev. Brian Herron, pastor of Zion Baptist Church. He spoke to the MSR before he gave a prayer to start Monday’s rally before an estimated crowd of, according to organizers, between 3,000 and 4,000 people at the Hennepin County Government Center. “When I first heard the verdict, I was very angry. I was very upset and it affected me,” notes Alyia Waddle, Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

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Pat Boone: cultural hate from the man who ‘Whitewashed’ Black music

By Eric Grimsrud

Guest Commentator


You have all probably noticed the advertisements recently shown in Montana in which Pat Boone, one of my generation’s popular singers in the 1950s, has been “educating” that same generation — who are now senior citizens — concerning threats posed by President Obama and Sen. Tester to our Medicare system. In those ads, Mr. Boone “informs” us that the Democrats want to cut $500 billion from the Medicare program — oh my! Upon looking up the facts of the matter, however, what these Democrats actually support is a seven percent reduction in the growth of Medicare costs over the next decade by which they hope to save about $500 billion. Their purpose for this future savings is to help ensure the long-term solvency of Medicare, not to weaken it. So can it be that the teenage heartthrob of my generation is just trying to scare his senior citizen fans with intentional misrepresentations of the facts so that they will not vote for these two Democrats in November? Continue Reading →

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