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Essential ingredients for a small business startup

You may have determined from my previous columns that either you need a second stream of income or that you want to launch your own business. You may have also determined that you have the personality, the drive and the skills to successfully start a business. You may have chosen your business name, and your business logo is designed. Your business cards are at the printer. You must now ensure that your business has all of the essential ingredients it needs so that it has a fighting chance to succeed. Continue Reading →

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Your work self: values at work

Introducing a new column from a longtime MSR contributor



Now that you have started the journey toward self-sufficiency, you need to identify your values at work. Values are conditions and attributes which we consider necessary to our well-being and on-the-job satisfaction. When we think of what we value, words such as family, time and love often come to mind. When we think of what we value at work, compensation, salary, benefits, achievement and recognition are some words that come to mind. As you begin to identify what you value, ask yourself the following questions:


Why do I want to work? Continue Reading →

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