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After 12 years of war, now political solutions?




A few years back, Obama was defending his continuation and escalation of the Afghan war. He said “Martin Luther King’s nonviolent approach would not work with the Taliban. There are some people who will only listen to violence.”

Fast forward to the present, “The Taliban and the United States said they will hold talks on finding a political solution to ending nearly 12 years of war.” Why now is Obama going to talk to these guys who will only listen to violence? Is it because Obama sees that he cannot win a violent contest known as war against the Taliban? Yes, that is why. Continue Reading →

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There’s no love in the gang


Summer’s coming soon — time for any conscious or concerned parents to make a decision. Young boys and girls must make a decision, too. There’s no love in street organization or what people call gangs. It’s time to step away, get out and separate. It’s not illegal to be an organization, but it is illegal to engage in crime through an organization. Continue Reading →

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