The Color Purple

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The Color Purple: Minnesota talent powers inspirational musical

The Color Purple runs through February 15 at 
St. Paul’s Park Square Theatre.

I may be the only middle-aged Black man in Minnesota who has not seen the epic motion picture The Color Purple in its entirety. I may, in fact, be the only one in the Midwest.
However, after attending the opening night of the musical adapted from the book by Alice Walker, I feel like I was there in the place and time period, Georgia 1909-1949, that the play covered. It even took me back to the time and place portrayed in the scene titled “African Homeland.” Continue Reading →

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Hair entrepreneur hooks up clients with esteem-building styles

Realistic Manes creates cuts that help stretch a buck
By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Realistic Manes Hair Boutique & Salon Studio ( owner-proprietor-lead stylist Kanika Baker is, indeed, a motivated, self-made businesswoman successful in more ways than one. A current endeavor entails doing male models’ hair for Simply Fabulous One Accessory Boutique-Harold Pener Men of Fashion’s “First Annual Walk in the Park Fashion, Hair and Catwalk Extreme,” September 8 at St. Louis Park Recreation Center. It’s hardly her first show. “I like doing stuff like that,” she says. Continue Reading →

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