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Hold government, business accountable for keeping our youth from street madness

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s time to build opportunity for the African American children. It’s clear that all the recreational things other communities have make a difference in a youth’s life. To begin with, we’ve got to have some real drop-in centers for these children where they can have dances and other social activities to help teach how to interact in a social environment. Maybe it’s time to bring back a teen nightclub like “Mr. Lucky.”

We must find ways to create consciousness, like it was when we adults grew up. Continue Reading →

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Security workers’ strike leads to contract agreement



News Analysis

By Mel Reeves

Contributing Writer


After going on a one-day strike, security officers from SEIU Local 26 came to a contract agreement with local security companies. “We were striking for better healthcare benefits, job security and better pay. You could say we were fighting to move our members out of poverty,” said Harrison Bullard, executive vice president of SEIU local 26. Bullard’s union also participated in a “week of actions” designed to show the connections between his union, the fight for better wages, and the office cleaners’ fight for dignity and higher wages. It also sought to unite those workers’ struggle with that of workers who are being discriminated against because of their past criminal records and workers who have been wrongfully foreclosed on by the major banks. Continue Reading →

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Clinic breaks ground on East Side of St. Paul to meet growing need

West Side Community Health Services (WSCHS) recently broke ground on a 34,000 square-foot replacement facility for its East Side Family Clinic. The new facility, located at 895 East Seventh St., doubles WSCHS’ clinical space on St. Paul’s East Side and will allow WSCHS to increase medical care and establish dental and mental health services to uninsured or underinsured residents of the East Side community. WSCHS’ decision to move and expand was based on the growing need for affordable medical and dental services on the East Side, according to Dr. Jaeson Fournier, WSCHS’ CEO. “There’s been a shift in the East Side community, and that has meant a higher level of poverty in these neighborhoods,” Fournier said. Continue Reading →

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