Savor Black Minnesota history: 12 notable landmarks

Courtesy of Wikipedia The Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial, East 1st Street and North 2nd Avenue East in Duluth

Acknowledging a painful history

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in Duluth was created to memorialize the lives of three Black men, falsely accused of raping a White woman. On June 15, 1920, a mob of nearly 10,000 abducted the men from the city jail. They proceeded to brutally beat, torture, and hang them from a lamppost in the middle of downtown Duluth.

The memorial was designed and sculpted by artist Carla J. Stetson, in collaboration with editor and writer Anthony Peyton-Porter. The memorial stands as a testament to the public’s commitment to acknowledge its painful history, in an effort to build a more just, inclusive community. It is the only U.S. monument of its scale that recognizes victims of lynching.

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