Directory Short Code Test Page

Listing Filter

( you can use any parameter e.g. [listing_filter ] )

[listing_filter background_color=”#EFEFEF” post_limit=”3″]


Featured Listing



display 3 feature listingd of the “home-service” category(if any).

[directorypro_featured post_limit=’3′ category=’home-service’]


display the ID(s) of the listing only. (1106277,1106276)

[directorypro_featured post_ids=’1106277,1106276′ ]


Display only listings in cities london,new york,FLORIDA,California

[directorypro_cities cities=”london,new york,FLORIDA,California”]



Archive Page(ALL Listings) List With Left Faceted Search : [listing_layout_style_5]

Grid With Top Filter & Search : [listing_layout_style_4]

Grid With Left Faceted Search : [listing_layout_faceted_grid]

Grid With Left Filter & Search : [listing_layout_grid_left_filter]

Grid With Top Alphabet Sort : [listing_layout_grid_a_to_z_filter]

Listing Filter Listing Display by category : [listing_layout_style_4 category=’hotel’]

Listings List Filter by City : [listing_filter city="new york"]

Listings List Filter by Zip Code : [listing_filter zipcode="10001"]

Listings List Filter by Category : [listing_filter category="arts"]

Membership Pricing Table : [iv_directories_price_table]

Signup Form : [iv_directories_form_wizard]

My Account : [ep_fitness_profile_template]

Login : [iv_directories_login]

User Directory : [iv_directories_user_directory]

Public Profile : [iv_directories_profile_public]

Category Page Listing Categories : [directorypro_categories]

Listing Category Tree (With Sub Category) : [directorypro_category_tree]

Some Other Important Shortcodes Listing Filter ( You can use any parameter e.g. background_color,post_limit ) : [listing_filter background_color="#EFEFEF" post_limit="3"]

Featured Listing : [directorypro_featured] Or [directorypro_featured post_limit=’3′ category=’test’] (If you want to use parameter)

Listing city : [directorypro_cities cities="london,new york,FLORIDA,California"]

Listing Categories : [directorypro_categories]

Search bar(You can use without slider too) : [slider_search]

Listing Carousel : [listing_carousel background_color=’#EFEFEF’ post_limit="10"]

Display Listing Categories : [directorypro_categories slugs="hotel, food"]

Display Listing Map : [directorypro_map]