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City, State, nonprofits partner to give Northsiders economic boost


Construction on the 47,000-square-foot former auto dealership building at 800 West Broadway, the site of a new education and career center, is expected to begin this summer and be ready to open by the fall of 2016. Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and other officials presented their plans Tuesday at the Capri Theatre in North Minneapolis.

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Cable TV competition could lower Mpls rates

BMA Networks President Pete Rhodes

Is Minneapolis big enough to have two cable systems? CenturyLink says yes, and hopes the Minneapolis City Council will approve their proposal sometime this month.

Comcast currently has a cable franchise to serve Minneapolis until 2021, and there has been only one company serving the entire city since 1983. CenturyLink late last year announced that they would seek approval to operate cable service in the city as well through its Prism TV, which currently operates in 14 markets across the country. Continue Reading →

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Are we seeing Black feminism on prime time TV?

(l-r) Joan Morgan and Dr. Treva Lindsay

She said she didn’t see herself as a feminist until after she read Morgan’s When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: My Life as A Hip Hop Feminist (2000) while attending Temple University. “For me it’s about reclaiming a type of humanity that we’ve been not given access to. We need permission [as Black females] to be human.”

Story says she “declared” herself a feminist while in college at DePaul. “I was the only Black girl women’s studies major for my first three years.” But because she refused to act and dress like fellow feminists, “Somehow I was doing feminism wrong,” recalled the professor. “I was much more hard core” than the young White feminists at the time, she added.

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