Black NFL coaches win one, lose four

By Kwame JC McDonald
Contributing Writer

Black NFL coaches lose ground as they drop from an overall record of 18-15 to 19-19. Currently, their respective records are: MIKE TOMLIN (Pittsburgh), 5-1; JIM CALDWELL (Indianapolis), 4-2; LOVEY SMITH (Chicago), 4-3; RAHEEM MORRIS (Tampa Bay), 3-3; MARVIN LEWIS (Cincinnati), 2-4; and MIKE SINGLETARY (San Francisco), 1-6.

Mpls. NAACP meant well

When the Minneapolis NAACP forced open enrollment for all students, it was obviously designed to encourage families of Afrikan descent to send their children to suburban schools. It is widely, but erroneously, assumed that Black students who go to predominantly White schools will get a superior education.

I would assume that by now there would be some studies that would verify that highly accepted notion. If there are any studies, I am not aware of such.

It would not surprise me if the results of such a study would fail to verify such a theory.

Too many Black people assume that by being with or constantly near White people, we, too, will be recipients of what is perceived to be a superior education. Inner-city teachers, whatever color, are perceived to be inferior to their suburban colleagues. It goes back to the days when most Black people thought and acted as though “White is right.” The fact is that most suburban schools are able to spend more money on essential education necessities, which are more directly related to the student’s direct and essential educational needs.

The fact is no school system in Minnesota is doing a good job of educating students of Afrikan descent. There are some charter schools that do quite well at the business of educating students of Afrikan descent. The difference in the schools is that the charter schools mentioned are schools that take into consideration the unique, yet legitimate, needs of the students who are not descendents of Europeans. Remember, the educational system was built for European boys and men.

Why are we talking about the education system? Is this not a sports column?

Indeed it is, and the education system has much to do with the total development of young boys and girls who the school systems should be preparing for leadership roles. It is well known and accepted that many of our most effective leaders are former athletes.

Yes, the NAACP and other organizations and people have the notion that the closer we are to the descendants of Europeans, the better we as a people are to success. Don’t get me wrong. There are some of Afrikan descent who have done well by following the Caucasian way. There is, in fact, a better way — ask Toby. We will continue this discussion in future columns.

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