$200 to anyone who proves Lucky wrong

By Lucky Rosenbloom
Guest Commentator

‘Black gangs share the vision of the KKK’ returns

Due to the heavy response to my last column, I am running it again with the following proposal: I am offering $200 to anyone who does not agree with what I say and will prove what I am saying is wrong.

We have Black so-called organized gang members who sell drugs to mothers, fathers and teens in our community, causing drug babies and zombies walking around in our community. Black so-called organized gangs have Black seniors afraid to come out of their homes. These gang members shoot and kill innocent babies and rival gang members in our community.

They are not really organized, because they do not control anything. The same corner they stand on and will shoot another Black person over, they will run like hell from when the police approach them. Law enforcement will clear them off the same corner if the mayor gets tired of them hanging out, or if a business owner wants the land — the same block they would have shot you over if you walked on their territory.

These thugs are not organized. They exist because of some White man living the big life who provides the drugs these thugs sell in our community. While this same man lives the big life, these fools are killing each other and innocent people.

These fools cause problems in our schools preventing other law-abiding Black students from learning. They are like the evil devils Malcolm X talked about who would bring drugs into the community of Harlem using Blacks to sell this poison to be injected into the body and spirit of our people.

Yes, my people, Black gangs have become the White Devils Malcolm X talked about. Black gang members have become the KKK of the community.

Like the KKK, Nazis, and others who killed our people, we need to stand strong against the new killer of Black babies, men and women, the new threat to our survival.  The Black gang members are the Black Devils in our communities and schools that prevent safety and learning in our society.

As Malcolm X would talk about a school system wherein White liberals would pass down the used textbooks, preventing our children from learning, now they can’t learn because of being on drugs sold to them by Black thugs. We need to call these thugs what they are — supporters of the KKK.

Blacks need to stop protecting this new KKK of our community. Blacks need to get together and run them out. Malcolm X would never have tolerated these thugs pushing drugs on our wonderful Black sisters and babies. Black leaders need to deal with these killers in our community as they would if the KKK were responsible for such harmful acts inflicted by Blacks on Blacks.

This is the reason you will not see these kinds of things in White neighborhoods on the scale you see in Black neighborhoods. Whites will support law enforcement when they arrest and/or shoot a thug in self-defense. Black leaders need to send a clear message to law enforcement: Run the new KKK out of our communities.

Other social evils

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were against killing Black unborn babies. For all of you Black liberals voting for folks promoting abortions, for you Black liberal elected officials promoting abortions, you are the death of our community and the death of the Civil Rights Movement.

After years of Black people being lynched, Black women being raped, Black folks that have disappeared, how is it that you will support or vote for anyone supporting abortion of Black babies? Martin Luther King did win the Margaret Sanger Award (Planned Parenthood) in 1996 for his pro-life position.

I have always stated that the gay rights movement must stand on it’s on.

I cannot stand gays’ attempts to connect gay rights with civil rights.

Alveda King, a relative of Martin Luther King, Jr., says, “To equate homosexuals with race is to give a death sentence to civil rights. No one is enslaving homosexuals or making them sit in the back of the bus.”

When you vote too liberal, you do so in direct conflict with King and Malcolm. It’s time for Blacks to step up to the high standards expressed by Malcolm X, Vernon Johns and Martin Luther King. Black people, we deserve better than the kinds of social evils going on in our communities today. Don’t you agree?

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