Wanted: Black leadership during Republican power

Issues And New Perspectives

By Lucky Rosenbloom

We need Black leaders capable of understanding the conservative/Republican ideology. We need Black leaders who have the ability to interpret and apply conservative/Republican policy in immediate, concise and competent ways that benefit Black people.

Many Black leaders lack these proclivities when it comes to Republican policy because of many years of narrow-mindedness and being Uncle Toms to the Democrats. Black leaders have been able to use the arts of persuasion, threats when needed, rewarding as appropriate, and retribution within the Democrat Party.

However, these same arts do not apply within the Republican ranks. Thus, their only option is to promulgate the Republican Party as racist, rich White folks who could care less about Black people.

It’s worth studying the above-mentioned because by doing so we can understand the confusion among Black leadership in this time of Republican control on both the national and local levels. I have said it many times in this column and elsewhere: It’s dangerous for Blacks to be in one of the major political parties.

By doing so, liberal Black leaders have vilified Republicans to the point that they simply have no idea as to where and/or how to begin any kind of meaningful discourse with Republican leaders that will provide much-needed outcomes that will help augment the Black community.

Simply put, Black leaders have no skills, no ideas, and strategy to build any kind of meaningful relationship with Republicans. Because of this reality, liberal Black leaders find it easier to preach doom and gloom for Blacks anytime Republicans have political power in the House and Senate as we have witnessed during the recent elections.

Sadly, liberal Black leaders must know that many Republican policies would benefit Black people. However, to admit this truthfulness, these liberal leaders would rather preach the harm of Republican policy in order to keep their inept oath to a few White Democrats.

Anytime a Black leader tells you we are harmed because of the Republican, you ought to tell him to move his butt over and get out of town, because we need a Black leader who has the skills to be nonpartisan, one with the ability to look at Republican policies, get involved in those policies, and help shape our future.

If you can’t be nonpartisan, if you are lost, then get out of Dodge and let the Black Republicans be our voice.

The Black Republican can tell you how cutting spending will help Black people. The Black Republican will tell you how shooting down government regulations will help build stronger Black businesses in our community, allowing private Black business to employ Black people.

The Black Republican will move the Black agenda through the House and Senate controlled by Republicans. The Black Republican leader will do all of this and much more. You have to agree that this fight sounds a lot better opposed to the liberal Black leader telling you that we are doomed to all of these policies.

We need a Black leader that is not afraid to tell Democrats how their build-yourself-up-and-we-will-knock-you-down policies are bad news for Blacks. Anything you do, Democrats will knock you down.

You go to college, and you’ll pay taxes on books. You get a raise and make more money, and the Democrats place you in a higher tax bracket. You buy a house, and year after year the taxes on the property rise, rise and rise.

The Democrats’ best policy is what I call the build-yourself-up-and-we-will-knock-you-down policy. Try to start a business, and we will throw thousands of obstacles in your way, such as this fee, this licenses fee, this regulation.

We need strong Black leadership to tell the Democrats to knock this evilness off. It’s not going to come from a liberal Black leader. Liberal Black leaders have it wrong. The Democrat bureaucracy is destroying Black people. This is our fear, not Republicans.

The enemy to Blacks has and continues to be wasteful spending. This wasteful spending sustains the Democrat build-you-up-knock-you-down policy.

Republicans are in control. Republicans have the power. I fully expect Republican officials (like the Democrats) to flex their muscles to full expansion.

Republicans will bring new solutions. Over the next two years, Republicans will move policy to influence votes. Republicans will end wasteful programs. Republicans will call on liberals to justify every wasteful spending.

The Republican Agenda will have a big impact on the lives of Black people over the next few years. Do you want a crybaby leader? No. You want a Black Republican leader, one who can motivate you and encourage you in using Republican policies towards self-reliance.

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