Fifth graders raise funds, give buffalo to family in Asia

Who would donate money to buy a water buffalo that they’ll never see, for a family that they’ll never meet, in a country that is thousands of miles away?

Hila Dipman’s fifth-grade class at Richard Green Central Park School voted to do just that. The animal is purchased through Heifer, International, an organization that provides animals to families in Third-World countries, teaches them how to care for the animals and how to use all their by-products. In addition, the first offspring of the animal is donated to another family in the community and so on, spreading the wealth.

A water buffalo, in this case, helps rice farmers in Southeast Asia to plow fields for growing rice. The children commit to bringing in some of their pocket change and to helping prepare a lunch to sell to staff. It’s also a great math project as the students track their “earnings,” compute percents, and learn about expenses and profits. Mrs. Dipman also has some craft items to sell to interested teachers.

Did they make the $250 to buy a water buffalo? You bet, and then some. With donations, they raised enough money to buy the water buffalo, a pig, a trio of rabbits and a flock of chicks. Four families somewhere in the world are expecting an improved life because these fifth graders took on a challenge.

This article was provided by Richard Green Central Park School.