The McAfee Ensemble and the Council on Black Minnesotans

Recently, Rev. McAfee and Ensemble have been bad-mouthing the Council on Black Minnesotans. Others have joined the Get-the-CBM Community Ensemble. The Ensemble must have tuned their instruments to C instead of concert B flat. They sound terrible.

At times, they mention my name as having expressed concerns about the CBM in the past.  Disturbing. Some of the same people are in the Ensemble who tried to get me kicked off the CBM when I was holding the CBM accountable for poor audits.

At issue: Some of the same people bad-mouthing the CBM now are the same people who called me Uncle Tom, traitor, House Negro…I could go on. So, why are these people bad-mouthing the CBM today?

Well, in my opinion it’s because the CBM made a decision not to support Randy Staten as the keynote speaker at the 2011 MLK event. Randy Staten’s “Get the CBM Community Ensemble” (remember you heard that name here first) now want to attack the CBM for no other reason but to be vindictive.

Look, Ensemble; don’t use my name in anything. Stand on your own. Take my challenge: Organize a community meeting with the single focus of concerns with the CBM. Heck, I’ll show up.

If Randy had been allowed to speak, McAfee and the Ensemble would be giving the CBM high adulation. I am not defending the CBM; however, I must bring attention to the hypocrisy of the Ensemble.

More on this issue in my next MSR column.

Republican Power 101
Republicans are in power. Expect the USA party to flex their muscles by pushing a lot of waste out of government. Let me give you a lesson in Republican Power 101.

The course outcomes: By the end of the year, students will realize how much easier it is to be successful and live a stress-free life because Republicans are going to do a kick-butt job on Democrat policies that have made it hard on your little lives.

Republicans will make good on their promises to cut spending, tossing out part and/or all of Obama’s healthcare spending. Hold on. Several courts have found Obama’s healthcare buggy to be unconstitutional.

Once again, I, the Luckster, told you during the healthcare debate that you cannot force people to have health care. Under Obama’s plan, anyone not having health care would be penalized. Thus, many courts have ruled that this clause is unconstitutional.

I am feeling pretty good because I said courts would rule this way during the healthcare debates. Admit it: Lucky is right again.

Republicans are going to reduce government’s role in our lives by taking a close look at government programs, including government jobs that are worthless, doing nothing, or poorly functioning, yet take up a lot of our tax dollars. This is called waste spending reduction. This is symbolic of Republican Power 101 — cutting waste.

Keith Ellison and all the other Minnesota Democrats exercise little power over the Republican influence on a national level. The only thing any Minnesota Democrat can do now is spit out some vernacular diction to make you feel good and make you believe they have some control in Congress.

Wake up: Republicans in the House are the majority. Republicans will push off Obama’s dead weight raising your taxes for bigger government policies. Republicans will flex their muscles by holding entertaining investigations on Obama’s policies.

All of this is Republican Power 101. Some of these actions by Republicans you may identify as being racist. No. Not racism, but classic enforcement of the Republican ideology.

Republican 101 in Minnesota will be consistent with the Republican national agenda. One example will be a move to make all state agencies, boards, and other state entities relevant.
State boards (such as the Council on Black Minnesotan’s) will have to prove their worthiness to the people. If any state agency or board fails to do so, it could be abolished. This is Republican Power 101, making state agencies and boards accountable.

All officials from all major agencies and/or boards will have to justify their existence and their spending. This influence by Republicans will be seen as a movement throughout America, because Republicans have captured more House and Senate seats in this great country than at any time in history. Wait. The butt-kicking Democrats took after the 2010 elections was Republican Kicking Butt 101 also.

Minnesota Republican Power 101 will include pushing up the Minnesota voter ID bill and English as our official language. Both policies will be good for the Black community. No doom and gloom from this Black man, because Republicans are in control.

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