How Love ‘broke’ Wilt’s record

According to recent erroneous reporting, WILT CHAMBERLAIN’s astounding National Basketball Association professional career record of between 220 and 230 double-doubles was allegedly broken by KEVIN LOVE last week. This is a record that was never mentioned until recently when, supposedly held by the great MOSES MALONE, it was about to be recognized by the professional world.

A record that suddenly became the talk of the league when it was about to be “broken” by this Minnesota favorite.

The puzzlement, or in some cases anger, should not be aimed at Love. He is, in a sense, merely a victim of the dreams, hopes and aspirations of people who are in consistent pursuit of a new “White hope.”

Here is what I think happened. Double-doubles were not kept as a statistic until recently. So, as sometimes happens, the well-meaning fraternity of sports journalists saw a way to have a record held by a hero of Caucasian persuasion. I for one don’t blame them, or any other such person who may be somewhat fearful of losing role models, heroes and sheroes, with this recent introduction to major league sports of players of Afrikan and Latin heritage, plus the performance dominance of these newcomers.

I know how they feel. I feel the same way about the Wilt Chamberlains, Jim Browns, Joe Louises, Althea Gibsons, Briana Scurrys, Tony Dungys and millions of others who have brought us joy through their performances and their superiority.

I remember when we were young how when Joe Louis was fighting all the radios would be on.  When Mr. Louis defeated his opponent, by decision or K.O., the whole ’hood hit the streets and danced and celebrated. Yes, everyone has a right to their very own sheroes and heroes.

JIMMY “THE GREEK” was right when he said, with so many colored people going into management and supervisory positions, plus the increased number of colored performers, there won’t be anything left for White people to do. One should not get fired for uttering the truth.

Those who profess to write or speak the truth should make sure they do so with integrity. All that you have read here is merely a call for the truth from our writers, sportscasters, and other purveyors of fact — to inform the public of the truth.
To the credit of some, they have spoken the truth. USA TODAY’s TOM WEIR and the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS’s crack sports columnist CHARLEY WALTERS were two that did.

Weir, on March 9, quipped, “Love is having a marvelous season, but all this chatter about him setting a record for consecutive double-doubles is gibberish. The hype-makers (particularly at ESPN) are using the 1976 NBA-ABA merger as starting point, and ignore a ton of NBA history. The real record for consecutive doubles belongs to WILT CHAMBERLAIN, and according to Elias Sports Bureau, it stands at 220. If Love can keep his 51-game streak rolling through 2013, then we’ll have something to talk about.”

Walters allowed, “In order for the Timberwolves’ Kevin Love, who has a modern-day NBA record of 52 consecutive double-doubles, to match hall of famer Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 227 consecutive double-doubles, Love will need double-doubles in the Wolves’ remaining 16 games this season, all 82 games next season, and the first 77 games of the 2012-13 season.”

Now these two gentlemen told the truth.

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