Winfield has a new challenge; Gopher football has three Black coaches

Jeff Phelps

Brian Anderson

Melvin Rice

Photos courtesy of the U of Minnesota
Melvin Rice photo by Scott Walstrom, NIU Media Service

DAVID M. WINFIELD, the executive vice president/senior advisor of the San Diego Padres, is expanding his duties at the ESPN program Baseball Tonight. He will be seen mostly on Sundays and Mondays. The 6’-6” Major League Baseball Hall of Famer is a St. Paul born-and-bred all-time great athlete. He also conveys skills as a speaker and an author. Throughout his career and life, he has helped thousands of young students in the areas of academics, athletics and health.

Kill has three Black assistant coaches

JERRY KILL is getting good reviews from the local daily press. The Cheney, Kansas, native had a less than glamorous coaching career before moving to Northern Illinois, a Division 1AA school. With the Huskies, he built a respectable program. After years of good enough records earning two bowl games, he coached a team to a 10-3 record.

To say he was not enthusiastically accepted by Gopher-dom may be an understatement. Time, again, will tell whether or not Athletic Director Joel Maturi made the right decision. Let us all hope that he is right this time.

Three men that Kill will have to assist him in his tall task are JEFF PHELPS (assistant coach/defensive line and recruiting coordinator), BRIAN ANDERSON, (assistant coach/tight ends), and MELVIN RICE (defensive quality control). Phelps has worked with Kill for five years. Anderson, who will be in his eighth season with the new coach, has tutored five players with NFL experience. Rice, the youngest on staff, played defensive back for Kill at NIU.

It is expected that coach Kill and I will meet soon. Expect a more detailed reaction from him later.

Twins’ Young will be quality player
DELMON YOUNG, the Minnesota Twins left fielder, is finally getting proper respect. We expect Young to hit over 300 and lead the team in RBI’s. Hopefully, his fielding will parallel his hitting. As the team, broadcasters, coaches and scribes show more confidence in him, he will repay that confidence with quality play.

Johnson is an assistant coach
MIA JOHNSON, former Minneapolis North and Michigan State University star, is now an assistant coach at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. She is also working on her master’s degree.

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