Are there different guidelines for the White candidates?

I always listen to conservative talk radio. Just in case slavery comes back…because Newt Gingrich or Sean Hannity will be the first to report it. That’ll give me a head start to make my way to the Canadian border. 

I digress….

Political pundits are commending Sara Palin for being innovative, touting how much of a ”maverick” she is by not following the ”rules” and throwing out the playbook with regard to her ”bus tour.” That heffa is riding around the country playing presidential candidate while stringing the media (and us) along for the ride.

Give her props, though; she decided to skip the talk-show circuit and the traditional way of running for office. She won’t do interviews on Sunday-morning talk shows (probably because she’s not skilled enough to find China on a Google map), or even give an itinerary of where she will be on this ”I ain’t decided if I’m running for office yet” tour. 

And ”they,” the Republican talk show hosts on Fox, think that’s a brilliant strategy.

If former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice or longtime Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee tried pulling what Sara is doing, they would be labeled ”difficult,” ”combative” and ”unruly.” They’d be called all kinds of ”bitches” from left-wing pundits, right-wing Tea Party activists, and all points in between. And then to top it off, they wouldn’t get 1/8th of the media coverage and attention Sara garners.

And what kills me is this: Those women, Condi and Sheila, have law degrees and decades of political experience. But the world doesn’t see them as qualified to run as a presidential candidate. Yet, the media has convinced us that Sara is ready. 

Former presidential candidate John McCain himself this week said Sara could beat President Barack Obama in 2012. Really? With a bachelor’s degree in communications and two years running freakin’ Alaska? Hell, I got a degree in communications. I should form a Political Action Committee and toss my hat into the ring.

What would happen if Michelle Obama became a ”maverick”? Got outta line…or decided for just five minutes that she’s not going to follow the formal rules for being the president’s wife. The mainstream media would roast our beloved First Lady over the coals like a pig at a Hawaiian cookout.  

Hell, they had a fit when she wore a pair of capris to a cookout! Remember how she was criticized for that?

But Sara is innovative, a trailblazer, and an independent thinker for not following the rules! These are the same guidelines that other women must adhere to with undeviating precision.

I may get banned forever from the Spokesman-Recorder newspaper for saying this, but here goes: Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of this unqualified, sub-par candidate touring the country and breaking the rules of engagement while she decides whether or not she’ll run for president?

How does a woman this clueless get the opportunity to run one of the greatest countries in the free world, while legal-eagle scholars like Rice and Jackson Lee aren’t even seen as formidable candidates?

Alright, let me just make it plain (and if this don’t get me banned, nothing else will): How is it that dumb White women get a chance to run the country while smart Black women watch from the sideline, without so much as an invitation to join the party? Yeah, that’s right, I said it! And after this article is published, this is probably all I will be able to say! 

Sheletta Brundidge was a regular contributor to the MSR until she relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio. Twin Cities residents can still get a daily dose of Sheletta’s observational humor by visiting her website at