TRYING MY BEST By Frank Erickson—White Norway terrorist exposes glaring bias

Now there is a new not-so-secret-anymore floating “terror detention” ship, a U.S. Navy ship that recently held a “Somali militant” for up to two months.

That’s a lot of time to torture someone… I’m sorry, to “interrogate” someone.
It is safe to say that this floating torture vessel will not be heading up to the North Sea off the coast of Norway soon to kidnap White Norwegians in the dark of night and interrogate them. There also won’t be any FBI raids on the Minnesota group the Sons of Norway, nor any seizing of computers from the Nordic-American Center on Cedar Avenue.

They won’t even bother to do surveillance on local Norwegians to see if they support terrorism. But they will do endless surveillance and carry out raids on East African organizations and individuals in Minnesota.

These things will not happen because there are always plenty of people of color to torture, blame, hold responsible for acts of terrorism done by other people of color. But when Whites commit terrorism, they “acted alone.” Never is there someone to torture after Whites commit terrorism.

Same old stuff: People of color commit crimes as a group; Whites commit crimes as individuals.

Ever see a news report of a “Muslim extremist” acting alone? Never. Who would believe it, that a Muslim would be planning his terrorist act for years all by himself, totally alone? No one would believe it; they are all a bunch of evil Muslims planning their evil together.

The reason the Norwegian terrorist was able to do what he did was because he was White. The Norwegian authorities have admitted that they were focusing on “Islamic extremists” — more clearly, people of color.

They were keeping a watchful eye on the three percent of the Norway population that is Muslim even though they had no evidence that they were doing anything wrong, profiling them while the crazy White guy spent years building up an arsenal.

Norway is said to be one of the most open societies in the world, but I think that depends a lot on race. There is no way a person of color in Norway could apply for a business license for a farm as a cover to buy six tons of fertilizer for making bombs. Being open and free has its limits when it comes to people of color.

They did not see him as dangerous because he was White. He probably could have bought a rocket launcher and not drawn suspicion to himself.

The July 25 USA Today ran a cover story headlined “Terrorism in Norway” that included population charts of “Muslims in Europe.” Now, why would they do this? This is not a Muslim story! The killer murdered 80 people “to spark an anti-Muslim revolution in Europe,” so USA Today publishes Muslim population numbers to lend credence and validity to a madman’s motives and credibility to his concerns.

How disrespectful to Muslims. If the killer committed mass murder because he was enraged about how many redheads live in Europe, would the USA Today publish population numbers on how many redheads live in Europe?

No, that would be nutty. So why show us the Muslim numbers?

Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.