THROUGH MY EYES, By Ron Edwards—Racial disparities in unemployment draw U.S. Civil Rights Commission chairman to town

When I learned that the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Mid-western Regional Office requested Chairman Martin R. Castro to be in Minneapolis on September 15, I could see truth to the rumors that the City was going to make an effort to sanitize two very crucial and critical studies of racial disparity (noncompliance) in Minneapolis unemployment and contracts.

The purpose would be to protect the image of Mayor R.T. Rybak and his administration’s department of civil rights by sanitizing its reputation with the Obama administration.

Two very in-depth examinations of disparity and discrimination were published in April and October of 2010, painting a very unfavorable picture as they exposed the cover-up of the City’s continued pattern of purposefully failing to be in compliance with its own as well as federal statues in minority employment and contracts.

The event was billed as a “Community Forum,” yet the agenda showed no intention to allow victims of racial discrimination to give testimony. In fact, some of the individuals on the panels to discuss unemployment disparities and its causes are directly responsible for carrying out the cover-up of these barriers barring African Americans.

It is these barriers that contribute to continued poverty and poor education in the Black community.

Unless the purpose is to cover up and not expose, why would it take the advisory committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 16 months to decide that this disaster deserved a formal and legal examination, and then make sure that the community was not only not informed, but not given an opportunity to offer testimony, counter to the rules of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights?

The commission is obviously attempting to sanitize and protect the reputation of liberals both Black and White. The statements made before the commission on September 15 at the University of St. Thomas do not match in purpose what the commission says of its mission on its own website: “To investigate complaints alleging…fraudulent practices…discrimination or a denial of equal protection of the laws because of race, color…in the administration of justice.”

Minneapolis has committed all of these fraudulent practices. If the commission is not here to verify that, it can only be here to cover it up. All of these actions begin to add up to three days of infamy.

On September 13, a group of Black “leaders” met at the Urban League with the head of the Minneapolis Health Department to discuss funding for the mental health initiative directed against the African American community. For their troubles they were offered $40,000, which they rejected: They wanted $10 million.

On September 14, Mayor Rybak presented to the national Mayors Institute for City Design, Charleston, S.C., his plan for the increased gentrification of African Americans in North Minneapolis (i.e., displacing them).

On September 15, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission was asked to sanitize documentation of racial disparity and unemployment in Minneapolis.

These three dates will live in infamy as part of the grand plan for the final solution of removing Blacks from Minneapolis. The events of these dates reflect the level of disdain and disrespect White power brokers have for the Negroes, as well as the disdain and disrespect of our community held by their Black lackeys.

If the commission is serious about Truth, it will read my February 10, 2010 column that answers, with facts and figures, the question, “Where did it all go wrong? And it will read my March 31, 2011 Solution paper, “Planning For The Positive Future…of the African American community,” which lists the links to the facts and figures in over five dozen columns printed in this paper that the commission should read if it is serious.

The columns are easily accessed. Clicking on the links uncovers the willful and intentional refusal to comply by this city’s administration and its department of civil rights. Even worse is that these tragic circumventions of the law to discriminate against Blacks are being carried out by Black lackeys exercising the City’s “pathology and moral dereliction” of exclusion.

Violence continues

Violence in the city of Minneapolis remains out of control. Riot police and close to 1,000 African American youth and police fought downtown along the Nicollet Mall on the weekend of September 11.

As I have predicted in past columns, this has truly become the 2011 summer of Black rage, which is being reinforced by Black betrayal in education, jobs and housing.
Stay tuned.

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