Balance leads to moments of serenity



Finding serenity in western culture comes with discipline and practice


Balance, peace of mind, serenity; call it what you like you’d like. Just make sure you’re calling on it everyday. Is it possible to maintain peace of mind and balance with the barrage of consuming tasks and responsibilities day by day, hour by hour?

There’s work demands, children, text messages, email, traffic jams, dinner prep, deadlines, household stuff go on and on. You strive — but most times struggle — for a healthy balance against the day-to-day pressure points.

Since stress knows no balance, only consequences to your overall health, you must commit to maintaining a deliberate peaceful mind through routine. This ultimately leads to balance and it doesn’t only benefit your physical self, it’s equally as important to your other two legs: mental and spiritual.

Consider your total being as the other three-legged stool (a common analogy used as an economic income strategy). At different points in your life, you might find yourself spending more time on one leg over the other legs to find the stability. After all who wants to sit on a wobbly stool for too long?

Choosing a lifestyle of balance creates easy moments of serenity even when the day looks overwhelming on paper. The following are some worthy practices that might be useful to you.

Popular culture has painted the eastern discipline of meditation to be some sort of mat therapy that can ward off the mini meltdowns and dramatics in the day. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll quickly realize that silencing your mind and arriving at total focus is not an easy practice.

Western culture thrives on getting more done in the least amount of time, so racing thoughts and ideas are more natural than not. Therefore, when eastern philosophy meets western culture do not expect to achieve this art simply by following a 10-step instructional found on the internet or in an article you read in the dental office reception area. People devote their entire lives to the study and unwavering practice of this art.

Find your own methodology that works for you. Because patience is not listed in my bio as of yet, I can intentionally sit quietly in one spot and take mindful deep breaths and simply focus on only positive and gratifying thoughts. Playing a meditation or tranquil sounds CD really helps you channel in on the sounds or voice.

Drinking water in abundance will keep oxygen and nutrients flowing through your body for optimal performance. Water improves your metabolism and gives you boosts of energy to press forward throughout the day. Coupling your water intake with at least 10 minutes of intense physical activity improves your mental and physical balance.

Every morning when you wake up, speak your plans and claim them. If you’re going to have a productive day, own it. Believing in your intention to do something is the first step to getting it done. Then consciously expressing your intentions of the day will lay the foundation. Be very specific. My intent today is to… Fill in your own blank. My example: before my family parts ways each day, together we recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Serenity Prayer. It grounds us and unifies us.

Regardless of how many directions you are pulled in, you can only go in one direction at a time. Knowing your personal limitations is a result of self-discovery. Fortunately, the simplest actions — breathing, drinking and speaking — can offer dynamic results for a balanced lifestyle.


Freelance writer, financial consultant, entrepreneur and mom, Tamela Saulsberry brings a combined 16 years of experience in business, finance, sales and coaching. She is delighted to receive your questions and feedback. She can be contacted at: or 612-269-2341.