Obama two up on Romney — but will it help him get reelected?



Romney messed up by not moving on the immigration issue before Obama, and the Supreme Court finds favor in Obamacare because a Bush appointee joins the more liberal judges. At issue: Is this enough for Obama to win in November?

Let me give you the answer: No. When the hype dies down, we shall be right back to the issue of jobs and the economy.

This is the way Obama’s immigration order works: To be eligible, they must have been brought here when they were 16 years of age or younger, have no criminal record, have lived here five years or more, and not be older than 30. They must either be in school, have earned a high school diploma, or served in the military.

The problem? The federal government will not have the resources to deport immigrants in such large numbers as police stop and identify illegal immigrants. What judgment will be used to determine at what age immigrants arrived in our country?

While a good move, putting Romney on the defense, it will be the many complications of this order that Romney will use to show that Obama’s short-term fix was about nothing more than votes from the Latino community.

At this time, Romney is in bad shape because Obama out-maneuvered his strategy team. The only option Romney has is time on his side, to hopefully point out the harm of the order as issues arise such as Blacks and other races, including Whites, joining together claiming this group of people are taking jobs from their families that have lived in this country. Helping that argument gain fuel shall be the fact that Blacks are out of work at the level of a depression.

Have you heard the news reports advising us when Obama has a bad week on any given issue and/or with respect to his campaign? We have people out of work, losing their homes and businesses (remember, Obama bailed out big companies that caused you and family members problems). However, we are told Obama had a bad week.

How can Obama have a bad week when he flies all over the world on his own jet? How can Obama have a bad week when he has servants fixing his dinners? How can Obama have a bad week when his home is taken care of by servants?

I can go on. My point is that you all should be upset whenever the liberal media reports that Obama had a bad day or week because Romney kicked his butt on an issue, or because he is in some heated battle with Congress. All of this is to say that this immigration hype is short-lived as Americans come back to the focus on the economy and jobs.

Obamacare: Here you are, all excited that the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. For those of you that can’t stand Republicans, it was only because of a Bush appointee (Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.) crossing over to join the liberal appointed justices that Obamacare was upheld.

Obama walks out and gives some kind of meaningless response, saying this was a victory for the people. True. Polls clearly indicated that Obama’s numbers remained under Romney’s if the elections were held today. Thus, Obama told the truth.

Obama gained little from this Supreme Court decision. Just wait until Republicans use the media to inform those who cannot afford this federal mandate to buy health insurance that not to have healthcare insurance means that when filing your taxes the government will penalize you by taking up to $500 from your tax returns.

My prognosis is that when filing your taxes, you will have to show proof of insurance or register with the government on a regular basis to show that you have health insurance. One way or another, if the federal government orders you to have health care and you don’t, there shall be some way of tracking that will allow for enforcement of this fine coming out of your tax returns.

Tell me this will not cause a problem for Obama. All Romney has to do is focus on this one single issue relevant to Obamacare. You are forced to have health insurance — if not, pay up.

The money will come out of your tax returns. Get it people? You will pay. This victory for Obama is short-lived, and Romney and others will use it to bring Obama down.

Obama made it clear: Paraphrasing, Obama indicated he is a one-term president if he did not turn the economy around and deliver some of the other big promises he made. Obama continues to blame today’s jobs problem on Bush. More people, including minorities, are saying Obama should hold true to his promise to leave and go back to community organizing.


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