Mark Richie’s own staff proves him wrong on voter fraud

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (hereinafter “Mark the Shark”) is an outspoken opponent of both the Marriage and Voter ID Constitutional Amendments. For now, let me stick with the Voter ID issue.

During my own testimony in favor of Voter ID, being followed by Mark the Shark, his argument (along with other Democrats) is that Voter ID is not needed because we have no voter fraud in Minnesota. Mark the Shark, being an opponent making this argument, is now embarrassed by one of his own staff members.

News sources have discovered that up to 24,000 Minnesota driver licenses could be the direct result of fraud. We have over 200 convictions of voter fraud in Minnesota. Now, Mark the Shark can mislead people in his community; however, the people in my community are a lot more sophisticated when it comes to analyzing information.

Let me test this claim. If over 24,000 drivers’ licenses have been obtained using fraud, it would seem that some of those people voted illegally. A member of Mark the Shark’s staff proves my assertion by leading the charge on this type of illegal voting. Not only do news sources prove my claim in the next paragraph, court records do also.

A federal indictment was ripped opened (with joy on my part) showing a wonderful liberal Democrat being 53 years old, living as an honest liberal in Woodbury. This woman is an outstanding role model of honesty and a shining example of Mark the Shark’s argument that we have no voter fraud in Minnesota. Let me go on with more of this fine citizen who is working as an administrative assistant for Mark the Shark.

Oluremi George (hereinafter “Ms. Role Model”) is now charged with five counts of Social Security fraud, four counts of making false statements, and one count of passport fraud in the lovely, opened indictment. Will Mark the Shark leave his employee of color to fight for herself? Would this be the Democrat thing to do? Where are the Black folks and her people calling on Mark the Shark to protect this minority woman, and if not, is his office full of racists?

I am full of joy for Mark the Shark, because his own office person has proved his claim that we do not have voter fraud in Minnesota. Ms. Role Model is accused of using the name Victoria Ayoola (a cute name, I must admit) and a SSN for this cute name, in applications for tax credits at her getaway from committing fraud behavior, Pondview Townhomes.

Records indicate that Ms. Role Model has voted in recent elections and did not use her legitimate Ms. Role Model identity to vote. Mark the Shark Ritchie, this is the fraud which you deny exists in Minnesota. Let me offer you a way out of this mess: Just say, ‘It was right under my teeth and I just couldn’t bite into it.’

Ms. Role Model could spend up to 10 years in prison for the charges mentioned here. If so, Mark the Shark Ritchie is going to have to get another fine example of no voter fraud in Minnesota. Any volunteers?

I have had a little fun. For the remaining column, let me refer to our Secretary of State as Mr. Ritchie.

Mr. Ritchie has decided to cause our state a problem by getting involved in a court battle in an attempt to change the wording on the approaching ballot questions regarding same-sex marriage and the Voter ID issues. Because of this, a Catholic church has canceled plans to have him speak. It’s all downhill now, Mr. Ritchie.

Mr. Ritchie wants the question on the ballot to read, “Changes to in-person and Absentee Voting and Voter Registration Provisional Ballot.” If the Minnesota Supreme Court allows this to stand, I hope the Democrats will cry about this being too wordy and confusing and will confuse the Black voter. There is a joke in here somewhere.

At issue is whether Mr. Ritchie is violating state law. The court must decide if wording for any Constitutional Amendment is up to the legislature, or does this power belong to the secretary of state.

Mr. Ritchie, despite the above-fraudulent actions of his own staff member, continues to insist that Minnesota does not have a voter fraud problem. If Mr. Ritchie would stay out of court battles, watch his own staff, and observe Minnesota convictions, he would see the facts are that Ms. Wonderful appears to have voted twice using an illegal name along with other proven cases of voter frauds that have led to convictions.

Remember, Mr. Ritchie, you cannot mislead or fool the people in my community.


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2 Comments on “Mark Richie’s own staff proves him wrong on voter fraud”

  1. The 200 convictions fro voter fraud were all convicted felons who ilegally voted before their term of probation was up. Voter ID would have stopped none of them. Mandating voter ID would not stop someone with a fraudulent ID. How is an election judge to know if it is fraudulent? And Victoria Ayoola had a state issued ID. She was not stopped from voting. Voting impersonation is not a problem in Minnesota. You have provided 24,201 examples of potential voter fraud that would not be stopped by voter ID. It seems that the state has a problem with the Department of Corrections notifying County Voting Boards when prisoners are released, without having voting rights restored. And the state may have a problem with 24,001 fraudulent IDs. Voter ID is a solution looking for a problem, and it’s not there.

  2. We expect people to be able to provide photo ID to cash a check. We expect people to provide photo ID to get a job. We expect people to provide photo ID to get on an airplane. Those people without photo IDs are disenfranchised from much of modern society.

    If Democrats really cared about the poor and disenfranchised, as they claim, they would spend their efforts helping those they care about to obtain photo IDs, rather than further weakening the public’s trust in the validity of our voting process.

    As to those who claim there is no problem with fraudulent voting, many voting precincts recorder more votes being cast than there are registered voters in Ohio and Florida (to name just two). There is a clear problem with voter fraud. Anyone who followed the Coleman-Frankin race should understand that by now.

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