Letter To The Editor: MSR tells the stories that have to be told

I wanted to send the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder a heartfelt thank you and tell you how proud I am that the MSR continues to carry on its founder Cecil Newman’s legacy. I recently watched the highlights of his life on Grace Media, and I cannot wait to see the documentary on the 25th of July. How he must be watching his family and newspaper with such love and joy!

I take great pride in the MSR, the greatest newspaper in my eyes here in Minnesota. I am an East Coast migrant to Minnesota, and I have stayed with the Spokesman since my arrival at a young age. I have witnessed the Minnesota community firsthand through the paper.

You carry the same dignity and prowess in presenting the news as Cecil Newman did. It is a wonderful job that you and all of your editors and staff do to keep us informed about our community, primarily our Black community.

The MSR has always invited and welcomed community engagement and provided a medium for those who reached out to share their stories. The newspaper has always shared its ”pie,” so to speak, with the community.

The Spokesman-Recorder has always done just that — ”RECORD” You have taken risks that others would not for the sake of ”RECORDING” the news. The MSR has not shied away from controversial issues or stories that had to be told.

I love what the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder stands for. I love the outreach that the newspaper has always done with the community and how it gives back time and again to all of us. I love how I can just grab the paper and plan my week of entertainment and also know of upcoming community engagements and current issues!

I know that the start of this paper was no small feat, and to keep it long and strong for more than 75 years has had to come with struggle, pain, and much sacrifice. I commend you for carrying it forward and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the freedom of mind, thought, and outreach to our community that you have provided for my son Jeffery Young and so many other voices that must be heard.

I love my Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. I love the publishers and founder Cecil Newman for bringing it to us, and I absolutely love CEO/President Tracey Williams-Dillard for carrying it forward. Thanks to Tracey and her family and of course her wonderful staff for carrying forward the outstanding dream of her grandfather Cecil Newman.


Michele Livingston