Five-year-old and father create writing team


Life lessons become basis for children’s book series


By Robin James

Contributing Writer


In the wide world of children’s literature, there’s a gifted young author who has already written two books and he lives in our own backyard. His name is Landen Sanders; he is five years old and lives in Edina with his mother, DeGalynn Wade Sanders, and father, Lance Sanders, a food scientist and patent attorney.

(l-r) Lance and Landen Sanders are co-authors of the Duckie Goosie children’s book series.
Photo courtesy of Lance and Landen Sanders

Together, father and son published a beautifully written and illustrated book series, Duckie Goosie Tales, that’s accessible to kids from two to five years old, but will appeal to children of all ages. Landen’s grandmother Lynn Wade illustrates the stories told by Landen.

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