Traditional marriage and voter IDs at issue


Traditional marriage is a very important proposed state constitutional amendment in the company of voter IDs. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie got a lesson in civics when our Minnesota court tossed out his legal attempts to delay both amendments being on the November ballot (see my last column).

I predict both the voter ID and traditional marriage amendments shall pass. Let me advise you that as quiet as it is kept, many Blacks, mainly Christian Blacks, will vote in favor of marriage between a man and woman despite Obama, football players, entertainers and others jumping out in favor of gay marriage.

Why? Because most Black Christians are not hypocrites and have not allowed politics and people to become their God. There is one God worthy of praise, and the conservative Black Christian will not compromise the word of God.

Al Sharpton is one brother who should extricate the “Rev.” from his name. Sharpton and other Black so-called clergy have attempted to argue same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue.

Many Black leaders hooked up at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to rap about the same-sex marriage referendum throughout our great country. Not only Sharpton, but a brother identified as Rev. Coates (with others) implied that same-sex marriage is an issue about civil rights, and to take this right away from freedom to marry is a threat to civil rights everywhere.

There were many Black clergy that did not accept this Sharpton stupidity and openly challenged his remarks. One such person was a courageous Black woman, the Rev. Annette Wilson. This Black Woman was ostensible in opposing Sharpton’s and others’ position.

“When God says a man should not lie with another man as a woman, that’s what he meant. When he says that two women should not lie together as a man would a woman, that’s what he meant,” said Rev. Wilson.

Readers, don’t get mad and upset with this writer. Get mad at God, for this is the word of God as given by Rev. Wilson.

Remember (you ought to because I did write about this also), in July 2012 Black church leaders threatened not to support Obama if he would openly support same-sex marriage. Obama called their bluff, and some of the so-called men of God vacillated.

However, regardless of Sharpton and others, many Black religious leaders are holding their position not to support Obama. “More than anything, this is an issue of biblical principles, and President Obama is carrying our nation down a dangerous road. Many African Americans were once proud of our president, but now many are ashamed of his actions,” the spokesperson for the group, the undaunted brother Rev. Bill Owens, stated publicly.

Let me give you a little political psychology. Let me help some of you reach a cathartic moment in your battle in deciding to serve God or the politicians. You cannot join the same-sex-marriage issue to the Civil Rights Movement because this is an issue between you and God as an issue of sexuality.


Democrats lying, using race card 

Voter ID is also on the ballot this November. This is not a God issue. This is an issue that you must decide for yourselves. I want to challenge Democrat racism on this matter, because Democrats keep implying that Blacks are too inadequate to get an ID to vote — we are substandard, we are idiots.

Now, the liberals and others have decided to throw our Ojibwe brothers at Leech Lake into the mix of those incapable of getting a free ID.

A few weeks ago, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe was planning a protest rally against the voter ID amendment. Like Blacks and other minorities, they were under the impression that the amendment would not allow the use of tribal IDs to register and vote.

Truth check: The fact is that the amendment is worded to allow tribal IDs and other forms of government-issued photo ID and that standing court rulings mandate the acceptance of tribal ID in Minnesota.

Therefore, the use of tribal IDs shall not be affected by the voter ID amendment. I challenge the ACLU, any Democrat, the NAACP or anyone else to prove me wrong on this truth check.

I have been speaking on the myth and untruths about voter ID and how Blacks have been used as race meat to fight Republican policies. If you have heard any negatives on the harm of voter ID to Blacks, call me. I’ll give you the truth check. However you vote, I just want you to have the truth. See contact information below.


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2 Comments on “Traditional marriage and voter IDs at issue”

  1. It has been a long time since I first met you when you came to the Mpls. Dept. of Civil Rights to file a complaint of discrimination. I was then a new employee and I took your complaint.

    Regarding your article, my sister and myself have been receiving calls from those who oppose the marriage amendment asking for our views.

    I have yet to receive a single call from those who are for amendment or the yes vote, and those who are for yes votes receive less campaign money than those who are voting no.

    People who cherish their religious beliefs whether they are Christians, Jewish, or Muslims will vote yes for the amendment, which states that marriage is for a man and a woman. But there are others who are not into any religious attachment and some of them will vote no.
    Let us see how this amendment will fare.

  2. Thank you as a brother in Christ for speaking out and speaking truth on these issues. I also think they will pass. God Bless.

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