Make Halloween a healthy, teachable moment


There is no shortage of sweet treats on Halloween, which can often be a nightmare for parents of constant bargaining with their kids about how much candy they can consume.  Instead of dreading the season, use it as an opportunity to teach your children about leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to encourage families to talk about healthy eating and candy’s role in their diets.


Set guidelines

Before the day of trick-or-treating, discuss with your kids the quantity and frequency they can consume their sweets and where they will be stored, so there are no surprises on Halloween.  Having your kids help set the candy parameters will teach them about portion control and how to incorporate treats into their everyday lives.

Perhaps they can have a few extra sweets on Halloween but are limited to three pieces of candy each following day — and only after they’ve finished a nutritious meal. You can even divide the candy into portioned bags so it’s clear what your kids are allowed to eat.


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