Most ‘real Americans’ don’t vote on election day



I saw a yard sign in South Minneapolis. It said “Real Americans Vote.”

No, this is incorrect. Most real Americans do not vote. Most Native Americans stay home on Election Day, and they are the “real Americans.”

When I tell people that I have not voted in over five years, and that I’m proud of it, they are disgusted and shocked. But if I was not a middle-aged White guy, but a Native man, they of course would be much more respectful and understanding of my desire to not participate. Now, why is that?

For anyone to assume that I would participate based on my skin color is arrogant and racist. Minnesota is 98 percent White; it is a White thing, and I get sucked into it and am expected to do certain things because I am White. And when I don’t, I’m seen as horrible, that I’m turning my back on my own kind, my own people.



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