Voting wrongs vs. voting Rights

By Brandon Hill

Guest Commentator


In the election of 1788, laws barred poor White men from voting. In the election of 1864, laws blocked former slaves from voting. In the election of 1912, laws barred White women from voting. In the election of 1920, laws barred Native Americans from voting. In the election of 1968, laws barred young people from voting. It is now the election of 2012. And on Nov. 6, America’s long history of voter suppression laws continues as new legislation will bar nearly 20 million Americans from the polls.

America, meet voter identification.

Voter ID laws are threatening our democracy. A close relative to the poll tax, the grandfather clause, the White primary, and the literacy test, voter ID laws are the newest and nastiest generation of legalized voter suppression, voting wrongs, if you will.


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